Vegetarian SUSHI Classes

Next Classes: May 1,2004
$45 in advance. Limit 6 per class
Location: 2183 Truscott Dr. Mississauga, Ontario
Contact: Karen Ryan, Culinary Director at (905) 855-2301


Course Description
Students will prepare a variety of tasty vegetarian sushi and discuss local shopping for ingredients, preparation of rice and fillings and techniques for rolling sushi. Also included: History of Sushi, terminology and equipment, types of products, alternatives to seaweed wrappers and fermented dipping sauces, organic produce, dessert ideas and more. There will be enough leftover Sushi for students to take home a snack.
Students: Please bring a tea towel, a very sharp chef's knife (10"), a paring knife and be prepared to make lunch ! Students may bring Sake to the evening class only.

Course Lunch Menu
Miso Soup
Simple Salads and Pickles
5 Types of Sushi Nori Maki, Inside-out Sushi, Gourmet Finger Sushi, Hand Rolls, Sweet Dessert Sushi

Instructor: Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, Culinary Director of Veggie Feast*
Karen Ryan has been a vegetarian for over 12 years and insists vegetarian cooking is a matter of good taste and good health. She is a creative cook, using authentic ingredients in a culinary fusion. Karen has traveled to China and India and lived in Nepal at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where she helped prepare meals for the monks. She is a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Karen has been influenced by James Beard, Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet), Julia Child, Madame Benoit, Emeril Lagasse and the Iron Chefs. She aspires to be a celebrity chef. Check out her web site at for other courses. Copyright, K. Ryan,  2004

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