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Blog - May 29, 2007 - My Experience with Super Seven Crystals
Last month I attended the Toronto Gems and Minerals Show and was immediately attracted to the JJGems booth where there were amazing peices of un-polished Sacred Seven crystals submerged in a tub of water to intensify and show off their qualities. As my hand dove into the water, I grabbed two fist-sized crystals. There was no question about their authenticity. An amazing buzzing  energy was travelling up my arm and suddenly my Heart Chakra popped open and I felt like I was all lit up inside. I did not want to let go ! My Crown Chakra was alert, even though I felt both excited and a bit overwhelmed with the experience, I stayed with the energy. However, after several minutes, the energy had not let up. I decided to buy the crystals.  My hand chakras were so opened, it felt like Reiki energy was continuously flowing from them and continued to feel warm long after I went home from the show. I felt the energy from the crystals continue for hours afterwards. I had some intense dreams later that night. You might like this crystal too !    ~Karen

What others have felt:
If you have any stories or dreams about your experience with these amazing crystals, please contact me and I will post them here !!

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