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Crystal Web Sites

  On line shop of exquisite Healing Crystals and Minerals. Provides links to metaphysical and alternative healing therapies. On line since 1999!
Amazing clear quartz crystals for sale. Lots of information too ! -
Extensive Crystals and Minerals catalog, with specimens from all over the world, especially Brazilian minerals. You can also read information and articles about mineralogy, esoterism, stone collecting; written by experts in the field.
Located in Leister, England, Star Crystals and Healing Products
include Angel Cards, Candles, Incense Gift Sets, Designer Jewellery set in sterling silver, Pendulums and Specialised Metaphysical products.
Check out our Featured Supplier of Super Seven Crystals: You will find excellent examples of Sacred Seven (aka Super Seven) crystals in both raw and finished forms. The owner, Rez is a gemmologist and has many excellent pieces. Why not drop in and see these amazing gems on his web site ? Super Seven is also known as Sacred Seven or Melody's Stone.  Super Seven contains Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite combined.  However what gets people really excited is that Super Seven is one of the few stones that retains all the energy and clarity of each mineral separately and it never needs cleansing or energizing! It is quite powerful ! JJGems has an excellent Super Seven collection. Read about My Experience.
Cavern Crystals  is an
online shop for crystals rocks and minerals - specialist in crystal healing reiki stones and crystal wands. Research amethyst, the crystal ball and learn about the A to Z of crystals

This site features rare and unique Amethyst crystals from Ontario, Canada. Have a look at these extraordinary and rarest of amethyst pieces in the world, in colors that have rarely been seen before. There is a seleciton of  natural amethyst in red, black, pink, orange, and varying hues of purple. This variety of amethyst is known for the large presence of elestials and have become very well known for their healing properties as many come from ancient native lands.

This website has a lovely balance. Have a look as there are many referrals to other crystal sites.


The Lightweaver | Channel for the Ascended Masters

This is the home of Michelle Eloff, The Lightweaver, an extremely talented voice channel for Ascended Masters such as Kuthumi and Mary Magdeline.
This site has amazing pictures of people holding crystals when an aura photo has been taken. The effets are startling!  This is a really fun site for people interested in Light work, channelling, healing and just being a spiritual being ! There is a very active international community of like-minded people who you can chat with in the chat room. It's a lot of fun. There is a monthly magazine full of artilces. Enjoy !

www.lightworkersupplies.comTerrific Celtic Jewelry !   Apparel and other items for Reiki including mugs, soap and buttons from The Reiki Ladi!  An intersting site on human ecology and consciousness, inspirational music (you can listen to excerpts) and links to web sites for political responsiveness. There is also a link to Spiritual Networks.

HORSES/EQUESTRIAN - This Australian equine site hosts one of my articles on crystal healing and has a variety of information and products for healing horses, including natural products, homeopathy and herbs. The Natural Horse has been set up to primarily educate people in the art of Classical Riding or Balanced Riding and the Holistic care of horses.

CANINE HEALTH  A site devoted to holistic health and behavioral issues with dogs. Includes dog tricks and mind games - the kind that dogs play on their owners....

The Animal Rescue Site
Free food for Shelter Dogs and Cats Free food for Shelter Dogs andCats Animal Rescue Site  ** Please Register and Click Daily to help **

WHERE TO BUY CRYSTALS and JEWELLERY Located in Barrie, Ontario. - One-stop Multi-Cultural Spiritual Medicine Shoppe

 Walsh Brothers watches and jewellery - English jewellery shop. There are many amazing products like thimbles,pill boxes, candlesticks and other keepsakes that will probably show up in the Antiques Road show 50 years from now. There are excellent links to various internet shops. Check out the Minerals and fossils theme and links to New Age Jewellery - all excellent resources.

ArkMinewww.arcrystalmine.comWhat a great  place to find crystals! Check out the page of Unique Crystals. There are also excellent links to other rock shops in case you don't find what you are looking for. There is also an article on how to clean the matrix off crystals after you've mined them and an article on where and how to mine crystals. Thanks Stuart ! This New Zealand Web site contains some excellent LARGE crystals from Brazil and other countries.

ASTROLOGY  This Canadian Astrology site developed by Michael Star, gives free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes as well as detailed astrological analysis of popular people, on-line training in astrology and related articles. Michael has sponsored my crystal articles for several years.

Vedic Astrology:

Alan_AnandAlan Annand is a Vedic astrologer and palmist who was profiled in the book “Psychics & Mediums in Canada” by Porche & Vaughan. For more info, see his website at

 I can highly recommend Alan Anand.


A Woman's Journey  An online guide to the best free sources for spiritual growth on the Internet.

Crystal Power Trip in Cusco, Peru with Miguel Angel -  For information and transformational workshops with crystal skulls and crystal mediations, contact Miguel at     Ross Andaloro has been one of my spiritual teachers for many years and holds sessions in  both Toronto and Vancouver. I took my first crystal class through him at The Learning Annex. He facilitates personal transformation processes.  I told him once that it takes a lot of courage to have a session with him.

 OptionInstituteThe International Learning and Training Center for The Option Process, offering personal growth programs to help people  maximize their happiness and success in all areas of their career, health, relationships and quality of life. Their programs also help individuals overcome adversity and specific challenges like depression, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and stress. Click on the Virtual Tour of the Institute, located on a 95-acre pastoral mountainside campus nestled in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, USA.  Accurate life readings, free metaphysical teachings, techniques and articles for soul growth, animal totems, readers predictions, question and answer forum, books, courses, workshops and all things esoteric.  Dedicated to empowering mankind in their dance through life. 
Grey Wolf teaches Tarot and Shamanism in the Toronto Area. His Newsletter will keep you up to date about his class schedule. Grey Wolf also reads at various Psychic shows. My  four Soltice crystals articles appeared in the Grey Wolf Newsletter.


HHamilton This is a well designed site full of information about hauntings in Hamilton, Ontario, including recordings of ghost sounds ! I am one of the consultants. HH is now global in outreach.  Spooky stuff ! Destiny Moon is a psychic, medium and a "seer". She is the resident psychic for Haunted Hamilton and is part of the investigative team that encounters ghosts and other paranormal events. She's one braave woman !!

The Psychic Society of Toronto The Psychic Society of Toronto (Canada) is a non-profit organization, providing a series of free lectures on paranormal, spiritual, metaphysical topics. I have been a guest speaker several times, talking about crystals and pyramids.  Creative Minds Unlimited are the U.S. sponsors of my early crystal articles. They also support Reiki, in the San Antonio area,  mythology, Elchai's herbs, meditation and healing products in their MarketPlace. Nice vibes. Good articles too.