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What is Crystal Healing ?
The use of crystals for healing has been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations in China and Meso America used jade as a preservative for the human body after death. The Egyptians used copious amounts of gold, lapis lazuli, carnelian and other precious stones to decorate the tombs and possessions of their sacred Pharaohs. Even today, Indian Ayurvedic medicine uses crushed gemstones such as sapphires and pearls. Tibetan medicine uses crushed calcite, turquoise and coral among other crystals. In Western medicine, we use fluorite in toothpaste and calcium in stomach tablets, limestone in cement making and many other crystals in the pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries. Even our computer chips are made from crystal, known as silicon dioxide !! We attribute certain healing properties to crystals based on intuition, channelling with the devas (spirits) of the crystals, through folklore and other traditions, and through science and medicine.

How does it work ?
In the time before chemistry became a science in Europe there was Alchemy. Alchemy was devoted to find the right composition of raw materials that could be used to manufacture gold. However, the philosophers said that the most precious jewel was that of the human spirit and that in finding the Philosopher's Stone, anything could be achieved. So, when we have the right composition of materials near us, we can synthesize what is needed for personal transformation, ascension or connection to our Higher Self. So, for a broken heart, we can use Rose Quartz, known for its properties of healing the Heart Chakra. For a dis-eased heart, we can use Malachite (high in copper which helps in electrical re-charging), or Kunzite (high in Lithium content to help dysfunctional behavior such as alcoholism). For throat complaints such as timid speech or sore throats, wear Turquoise (know for its ability to open and protect the Throat Chakra and for its detoxicing qualities). For back or leg pain, place Hematite which has magnetic properties along the spine or leg ...and so on. Knowing which crystals to use for what complaint is only part of the healing work. There is also the person's constitution or individuality that decides which crystal is needed depending on the condition. A Crystal Healer will facilitate the healing process through the selection and placement of crystals on the client's body. Even crystals in a room will emit energies or vibrational frequencies that can create a shift in consciousness. 

What is Crystal Energy Therapy ?
Some crystals are used for physical healing. Some crystals are used to help access deeper levels of the human psyche and to facilitate release of emotional and karmic energy trapped in layers or bands around the person's body. Crystals have a unique connection in that the energy of a crystal is most compatible with the psychic energies of a person. Using psychotherapy methods, A Crystal Energy Therapist can identify where the trapped energies are and selects the appropriate crystal for transformation. A Crystal Energy Therapist is a person trained both as a Crystal Healer and as a psychotherapist or Life Counseller. A crystal energy therapy session is not often passive and should not be compared to any other type of healing. It is a modality on its own. It involves a dynamic interchange of energies passing to and from different layers of the body and of consciousness using crystals as the transformation tool as facilitated by the therapist. These sessions are not for everyone as they involve deep transformational forces which may be perceived as uncomfortable (but necessary) due to the force of change in our lives until we come to acceptance about the problem and that responsibility lies within ourselves. Truly the days of sofa-psychiatry are over. Not all sessions are dynamic nor do they need to be. Sometimes, the effects are seen a few weeks after a session, often noticed by others first! 

What can I expect from a Crystal Healing Session?
A session is typically not less than 1 hour and will include a crystal layout and transformational energy work to unblock, clear and rebuild energies. A session may include gestalt therapy, channeled past lives and affirmations, dream analysis, Bach Flower Remedy, Reiki, Radionics, kinesthetic exercises, toning, smudging, aromatherapy oils, drumming, tarot reading and other supports for energy work with client consultation. There is ongoing phone support for clients and distance healing if necessary for an additional charge.

Inquiries: Please inquire at
Location: Clarkson area, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Phone: (905) 855-2301 for appointments. If you live outside the Toronto, Canada area, you may want to consider distance healing through Radionics. Karen has been consulted by clients in the U.S., Canada Malaysia, England, South Africa, New Zealand and other countries.

Healing Certification:
- Certificate in Gestalt Theory and Methodology
- Usui Reiki Master
- Gendai Reiki Shihan
- Crystal Reiki Master

- Radionics Certificate
- Certificate in Auricular Hygiene (Ear Candling)
- Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate, American Institute of Unani Medicine

Personal Background:
Karen studied healing arts and meditation with Tibetan yogis and lamas in Nepal before returning to set up a retail store, The Crystal Tiger, in 1992. She has taught crystal healing in the Toronto area for over 15 years. Karen is also an excellent Tarot reader and reads different types of oracles including the I Ching. She is both an intuitive and an empath, a facilitator, and a spiritual dream interpreter. She has given many lectures at various psychic fairs, The Toronto Psychic Society, Haunted Hamilton, The Canadian Dowsing Society Conference, and has appeared on live TV and several radio shows. She has written three books, including "How To Use Your Pyramid".

For further information, click here for  Karen's  Personal Thoughts about Crystal Healing.

Disclaimer/Policy: Sessions are provided at the clients own risk and with their informed consent and understanding of psychotherapeutic intervention. Any medical issues should be referred to the best competant medical advice available. Confidentiality of all clients is assured.
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