Crystal Healing - Personal Thoughts
By Karen Ryan

I was asked by a student to answer some questions about myself  and crystal healing and I would like to share my responses with you.
- Karen

1. How did you become a crystal healer?
My path is to teach crystal healing, not to just be a crystal healer. I needed to first to learn about healing then I empowered myself with as many different types of crystals as possible. To truly learn about crystals, you have to be healed by the crystals at many levels. I also took many healings from other respected healers to learn about their methods and approaches to healing. One of the most important sources for healing has been through empowerments in the Medicine Buddhist tradition that taught me about the role of karma and the importance of the mind in healing. My healing tools may be crystals but my methods are very mystical and alchemical.

2. What other healing methods did you try before crystals ?
I took a course in Shiatsu massage but preferred being the client so that I could relax and de-stress from my work in hi-tech. However, I enjoyed connecting with crystals as they could always be with me at work. I usually wore Amethyst for stress and kept a large piece on my desk. If people asked, I would tell them I thought it looked pretty, or I would say that I was interested in geology. I also took Reiki, which seemed to open up my healing potential to more than just Reiki.

3. What are your beliefs about healing with crystals ?

I believe that crystals really are just stones. We tend to attribute certain value to them, as we do with gold. I am an alchemist . I take these elemental material substances and working with the mind to produce desired psychotherapeutic effects. There is a transcendence to the nature of the crystals. I tune people into that part of themselves that opens up the possibilitym of transformation. There is an activation that I perform with others - call it a consciousness opening or an initiation. A person can come to me with a crystal they've been working with for a few months, saying they get nothing out of it, so what's the mystery. After a discussion and some guidance, the person can suddenly feel the crystal. So, what's happened ? The person still has the same crystal. So, the person must have changed in some way. That is what crystal healing is all about - affecting a healing using the crystals as the catalyst for the change. Oh, there really is some real energy there in the crystals too, of course. You have to know how to use it effectively. I teach about the scientific properties of the crystals so that people can tune into them esoterically. There is a line between the physical and the metaphysical. With crystals, and your mind, you can remove the line and use whatever the crystal and your consciousness has to offer.

4. Could you give several antidotal stories would be of great interest about the power of healing with crystals?
I ran a crystal store for about 2 years before doing full-time crystal healing. A number of people would come into the store looking for healing. Many were skeptics. There were many occasions where people receive spontaneous healings such as with personal issues. I recall a few:

* A young man had swollen hands and asked if there was a crystal to use for his complaint. I suggested Halite, which is salt. I asked him to put a piece in his hand. During the next few minutes, his hands started shaking and when he opened them there was a puddle of water in the palm of his hand that ran off onto the counter. The swelling in his hands had shrunk and he claimed he could now bend his fingers more easily.

* One man came into the store to thank me for helping his family. I asked what specifically and he said that his son had cut off the tip of his finger. He had quickly wrapped his son's finger with a bandage and in the bandage put his quartz crystal that he bought only a few days previously in my shop. We had been talking about crystals used for healing. He said, it seemed like a good idea to wrap the crystal in the bandage. He said his son felt no pain and that the surgeons were amazed to find the damaged area in good condition for this type of injury. They were also a little startled seeing the crystal drop out of the bandage. They sewed the tip back on and the son healed faster than expected.

* An elderly woman came into the shop asking me if I recognized her. I hadn't. She reminded me that the last time I'd seen her was about 2 months ago and that she'd walked in using two canes. Clearly, she had no canes with her this time. She said she used the copper and garnet I suggested and that it had worked so well, she no longer needed use of her canes. Others have told me that their thyroid medication had been reduced after using crystals, usually Amethyst. I often do not remember what crystals I tell people to use. Maybe I am channelling the information for them and it doesn't get store in my consciousness. However, when I hear their success stories, I feel I have made a contribution.

* When I do a full crystal healing however, there is often more than crystal work that is going on. As an energy worker and therapist, some unusual treatments have occurred. It is hard to tell if it's the crystal or the therapy. I think both are needed for effective treatment. I can recall a 23-year old client who was trying to get in touch with her sexuality. She had been sexually assaulted when she was 17 years old in a park. She was terrified of the park. She lived near by and was afraid to go through the park although it would have shortened her journey. She was also having some troubles with intimacy with her boyfriend. This was now the 3rd session with her. I placed the crystals on and around her as she lay on the mattress on the floor. I noticed she held her hands above her head. I gave her crystals in each hand and asked her to get in touch with the position of her hands. As the crystals began opening up her awareness, she realized that the rapist had held her hands in that position, over her head. She began sobbing and said that when she was with her boyfriend, he noticed that she kept her hands over her head, but she didn't know why. She realized that the trauma was still there. We cleared the energy around the arms and hands using crystals and other techniques. In the next session she reported that her boyfriend helped her bring her arms down peacefully when they were intimate with each other and that she felt there would no longer be this problem. By our 5th session, she reported that she and her boyfriend went into the park together and she had been able to go to the place where she had been assaulted. After some initial fear, she began to feel secure and able to cope. She said that she had been able to walk through the park now and not worry about the past. Crystals not only reach into the mind, they also reach into the Heart.

5. Why do you think crystal healing is particularly satisfying?
Results. Crystal healing is satisfying for the client as they can participant either actively or in a passive manner - whatever is appropriate to their healing. Sometimes, I do all the work. Sometimes, the crystals do all the work, Sometimes, the client does all the work and I'm just the facilitator. The client can see the results very quickly, faster than with other therapies.

6. What are your future interests - are you going to explore any new healing methods, and if so, what would they be?
I hadn't felt a need for getting my Reiki Master in the past, considering it very passive. I'm a very interactive person and crystal healing suits my energies. I simply don't need Reiki for crystal healing. However, I did get my Reiki Master and went on to study Gendai Reiki, the Modern Reiki Method. This method is taught in Japan by Doi Sensei.  I wanted to connect to a deeper sense of spirituality which is not taught in the West.  I also wanted to do more teaching and Reiki is a way to teach healing, not just Reiki. I'd also like to study with Dr.Leonard Lascow, a wonderful healer who also works with crystals. His book "Healing with Love" is very inspirational to me.

Copyright Karen Ryan, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 2002