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"Karen is a very credible healer.Anyone having a session with Karen would not forget the experience!
- Joanne, Mississauga, 2001

"My five year old son, Joey had stopped talking for over 3 weeks. A doctor, two social workers and a psychologist told me to lock him in his room until he spoke again. I visited Karen for an alternative approach. She was able to reach into some part of Joey and work with him to release an emotional block that he couldn't communicate to us due to the trauma he had experienced. He started talking the very next day as if there had been no problem at all".   - Gina, Toronto, 1998

"In 1988, I'd been diagnosed with a chronic illness, Lupus, and spent a lot of time in and out of doctor's offices. I felt I would spend the rest of my life feeling this bad. Then in 1993,, from the very first day working with crystals, my life transformed. Karen initiated and facilitated the healing process. You don't know what that did for me. There was hope. The illness hasn't disappeared, but I've had a change of attitude. I have a sense of renewed energy and wanting to do things again, and its grown since. I feel reconnected to Life agaian." - Kelly, Terracotta, 1996

"Karen reached into a part of my past and identified an event that had been repressed for years. She helped me release the negative energy and rebuild a more positive outlook. I feel happier, healthier and more whole."  - Barb, Scarborough,1995

The following is email from a client that suffered from stuttering and a lack of confidence:
After the 1st session, June 12/03:
I wanted to mention that I had noticed a difference in my emotional state even after the 1st treatment you gave me.  Something was gone...the anxious feeling that I always carried with me.  When I spoke, although I would still get hung up on a word or two, I didn't feel the same.  It was okay.  I have noticed that I feel more confident and less self-critical. - L.M., Toronto, 2004

After the 3rd session, June 29/03:
I am feeling more and more confident in my speech as each day goes by.  I love this new found voice.  I have noticed that one of the pleasant side affects has been the ability to vocalize many things about my past.  I am able to state things that in the past I "felt" but could not find the words to express.  It didn't have as much to do with stuttering as just not being able to formulate words to relate the experience.  Now, when I say things, I hear more and more peoples reaction - "Yes, thats it"  - as though they could not find the words before either.  I just find this interesting as I used to be so frustrated - almost like being on a diet where you eat a lot of food but don't feel satisfied even if you feel full.  That is how I explain speech for me.  Now I feel like when I say something, I really hit the nail on the head and I feel more satisfied. I also have a feeling of release and cl eansing as though the ability to express my self has cleansed me of all the emotions I have had pent up about the topic I am discussing. - L.M., Toronto, 2004
From L.M.'s sister:
I wanted to say the GRAND changes I have noticed in L.M. since she contacted you. They are HUGE in terms of her self expression and coming forth of her truths... I can feel healing also because of this... - M.M.

Other Clients:
I laid down at 8:55 PM to relax and get ready.. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2 minutes of  9:00.. A couple of minutes later I felt like something was happening (can't really explain it!) I just knew you had started! I fell asleep within 15 minutes. W.,U.S.A, 2006.

During our last session I rested for 10 minutes and then puttered around in my usual way. During that 10 minutes I felt an actual vibration through my entire body. This felt to be at a very subtle frequency. K., U.S.A, 2006.

I cannot convey to you how great I feel! Thank you! - Marc, Arizona, U.S.A, 2002.

Nighty night you wizard(ess), and many many thanks for your fine work. Thanks a lot.  - A client, U.S.A, 2002.

"Your hands were "burning" on me !" - Serena, 2004

"I hadn't been able to relax for weeks until the Reiki session. This was one of the few times I had been able to relax deeply without medication." - Blanche, North York, 1996

"Drugless Relaxation ! I felt deeply relaxed." - Matthew, Mississauga, 1995

"It was the most relaxed I've felt in ages. I did not want to leave after. I enjoyed the session thoroughly."
- Abbey, Hamilton, 1994

"My tennis elbow disappeared a couple of days after  you left and my doctor said it must be a miracle. I told him you did Shiatsu, but I didn't tell him about your magic fingers ! And now bingo ! There goes my bursitis which was weighing down my neck and shoulders with such agony for 6 months...May the power of your healing touch heal many others and see them free to live their lives normally. Now when I close my eyes and meditate, I can feel the cool healing energy trickle through my body." - Jini, Vancouver

If you have any healing testimonials about how crystals have worked for you, please send an email to: Karen Ryan at karen.ryan@sympatico.ca

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