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"If there is something we can do, lets try. As long as there is the potential for healing, not all is lost."
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What is Radionics ?
Radionics is a form of vibrational healing using a Radionic Instrument to analyse and send a frequency of Universal Healing Energy to a person. Radionics has been used extensively in Europe, Britain, Canada and Australia for decades following the work of Hieronymous, Drown, Tesla, De La Warrs, Abrams, Rife, Reich, Tansley and many others.The word Radionics was coined in 1935 and is sometimes known as Psychotronics or Vibrational Medicine. Radionics is similar to a "Vega" machine which sends a subtle healing vibration to a person for attunement. The feeling is subtle, the results are wonderful! Radionics is completely complimentary as a therapy and requires no special licensing. For further information, see Links below.

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About the Radionics Instrument


The Radionics Instrument directs the mobilization of healing forces to treat aliments in humans, animals and even agricultural crops.  A modern Radionics instrument looks like a small box with a few dials on it. (See photo to the left.) The instrument is plugged into an electrical outlet to generate a minor electromagnetic energy field around a small well where the client's photo, hair or signature sample (called the Witness, shown to the left of the dial box in the photo) is kept during treatment. Subtle vibrations from the client are picked up by the Radionics practitioner for analysis. The Witness helps attune the Radionics Therapist and the Radionics instrument to the client. The dials are then set to radiate a specific vibrational frequency from a broadcast plate (shown to the right of the box in the photo) that restores the client to a state of balance and harmony. The client does not need to be present for the healing.

About Radionics Therapy

Karen_Radionics_02I studied Radionics under Dr. Nicholas Ashfield in Toronto Canada and have been a Radionics Therapist since 1998. I offer full length interactive sessions at my home as well as quickies for distance healing. I have a number of clients in the Canada, U.S.A, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and England. I have also treated a number of pets. I work with Radionics differently than other practitioners because I treat emotional, psychological and spiritual causes of the affliction. Treatment can also be directed to known medical issues. However, I always recomend that you seek help from the most competent medical help you can find, as I am not a doctor. I work with The Guides who may from time to time suggest underlying energies that need to be released for deeper healing to occur.  Some people find Radionics quite powerful on the very first session. Clients who are especially sensitive may feel light-headed during the treatment or sleepy. Otherwise there are generally minimal effects for such exceptional results. I suggest you read some of the links  and other information below so you can understand that the instrument that I use causes no harm and is operated in the Highest Light to assist others. I also refer you to a large feature article on Radionics in the Toronto Star, Nov. 24/02 in the Body & Soul section, pp. F6 & F7. Please contact me if you would like an assessment to determine if Radionics can be helpful for you.

Treatment Fees:  

Option 1 - Quickies for Distance Healing:     *** Most Popular By Demand from International Clients***
Purchase 2 sessions for $100 or  3 sessions for $140 (U.S. /Canadian Dollars) ** Price will increase April 1, 2015 to $60 per session, 3 sessions for $175      BUY NOW THROUGH PAYPAL
Each session includes a personalized written analysis, the radionic treatment lasting about 30 minutes, and support by email or phone. The session is pre-arranged to begin at a certain time with the client depending on time zones. Generally 6 issues are worked on per session that may involve 20-40 or more adjustments. Please contact Karen to determine suitability before sending a hair sample or digital photo. For hard copy photo, please print your name on the back of photo. The hair sample or photo is used to "locate" your energy and to transmit radionically to you and is said to increase effectiveness by 20%. Some sample clearings include: Reducing Pain, Sleeplessness, Needing Direction In One's Life, and Clearing Past Trauma, PTSD, Rebuilding Connections to Higher Self.  Cheque (Check), Money Order or PayPal.

If you are using PayPal, you can pay for your session below. A small "shipping" charge ($7) may be added to cover PayPal services :

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Option 2- Full Length Interactive Session, in-person only:
One Hour Treatment - $100 (U.S./Canadian)
An in-depth one hour session is more interactive. Radionic adjustments are made as the clearing occurs. Typically 10 or more issues can be cleared in one session. Fee includes analysis, treatment and post-evaluation, and post-treatment support by email or phone. Sample clearings include: Removing Blocks to Wealth & Prosperity, Improving Self-Esteem, Increasing Psychic Sensitivity and Intuition, Removing Trauma, Healing Past Life trauma and addressing various physical ailments.

Option 3 - Pets: 
30 minute session -  $45 U.S. or $Canadian per pet, per treatment for a series of 3 treatments
Please send hair, fur or feather sample and/or photo along with description of problems.

NOTE **** 
Please contact Karen by email
at: to discuss suitability for radionic session and for directions to send a hair clipping or photo sample and payment.

More Information About Radionics Sessions (also see top of this page):
Usually I assess what can be done before the first session, how many treatments would be needed, and the spacing between each session. The client will usually sign-up for a block of sessions and these may be spaced initially about 7-14 days apart for the first 2 or 3 sessions. You may feel nothing depending on your sensitivity. One distance client in Arizona felt the adjustment very strongly and needed to sit down. Some people go through a healing crisis where the energy intensifies, like water behind a dam. Then there is a release or break-through, and energy flows freely once again leaving the client in a state of relaxation and at peace with one's self.

Some conditions take many times to see affects, like a broken leg takes time to heal, but the process will be speeded up. I aim for higher levels of clearings by grouping conditions together for release and let the clearing work top down. Please feel free to ask me any questions about Radionics. There is a lot written about it but it is very difficult to describe. Some people speculate that there is something about Radionics to do with quantum physics and that light particles can bend and can travel through space and time. I think of Radionics as an intense directed ray of Universal Healing Energy that has a specific narrow band of vibrational frequency attuned to the recipient for their specific healing purpose. It works very much like crystal healing where the crystal is both the oscillator and broadcast mechanism.

Starting a Treatment:
I arrange a mutually acceptable time with the client for each session. You need only to rest for the first 10 minutes and just feel the Radionics work with you. Many people feel so much better after the first session saying they sleep well, are relaxed, have a different outlook on their problems or are feeling more energetic.You may feel nothing right away or you may feel a some buzzing or slight tension and then a clearing of tension. I will assume you've done energy work before and can handle emotional clearing and  healing. It can be intense depending on the issues being cleared. You may re-experience various emotions. Radionics can bring up suppressed feelings and thoughts in the process of clearing them out. Be sure that you do not run from them, knowing that you are safe and that what you feel is an illusion and that these feelings are energies stored from past events that are coming up for unblocking and clearing. Let it be. Breathe. Let yourself relax and know these feelings are temporary and will pass shortly.

What to Expect:
If you do not feel anything, do not be disappointed. It took me a several sessions before I could feel anything and then I understood that Radionics was clearing at a level of consciousness that I'd not previously known about (at least for me). I didn't have a road map to what was going on but I kept looking for something but trusted the process. Some results may feel quite physical. I was treating a sleep disorder (sleep apnea - the person fails to breath while sleeping). After an intense first distance session, the client called afterwards because he was worried about his feelings coming up. I told him to be patient. He finally cleared the energy and had two peaceful sleeps in a row, something he had not been able to do for a very long time.

Intensity is not something to tell you about the effectiveness of the sessions. Those "grosser" feelings are mainly a physical sense of your own emotional/psychological blockages.It is not important that you feel anything. The Radionic vibration is actually very subtle and you become more sensitive over time as the clearings take place.  The subtle changes are actually what shows you how much has been changed... it is almost unnoticable unless you look for it. When you move to the subtler levels, energy moves like a puff of wind, not like a sledge hammer.

People spend years in negative states, expecting that when they stop doing negative things their karma will turn around. Not so. You must also take action to mitigate the consequences of your previous actions. How often have I heard the wail of "I thought I cleared all that" from even experienced healers only to find that their ill luck continues. Understanding karma is tricky and very assumptive because we cannot see the truth due to our own duality.

The clearings allow you to experience the healing more directly.  You will see the effects almost immediately. It can be as simple as a change of thought about something or a deep sense of peace. You will only realize later it was the Radionics.  Sometimes, the Radionics continues for a while (hours/days) even after the instrument has been cleared. This is due to the nature of what you are clearing. Dr. Nick Ashfield, my Radionics mentor says there are clusters of energy that get released and that these may take a while to process, like various bubbles bursting on the surface of the water. Be patient. It will come.

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LINKS For Further Information about Radionics - A  well informed article and history of Radionics by Nick Franks BA, MRadA School of Radionics offers a 3-year course in England A selection of informaiton on  dowsing tools, pendulums and radionic devices  An good article about the healing effects of Radionics Links to international associations working with Radionics, including Canada

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