Getting Started

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Throughout history, crystals have provided healing from the Earth and have helped to improve the quality of life. During Medieval times, prospectors would collect mineral specimens and sell them to alchemists who experimented trying to make gold from these vital substances. The old world alchemists eventually became chemists and helped create modern science. Today, crystals are harvested industrially. Many different types of crystals are used in jewelry making, health products, pharmaceuticals,  cosmetics, fertilizers, and in electronic components such as computers and MP3 players. There is a continuing fascination for crystals in science, even in NASA where Zeolite1 crystals have been grown in space 2. Without crystals, we would not have life on planet Earth.

There is also a long history of using crystals for healing purposes. In India, an ancient healing system still uses gemstones in the Ayurvedic tradition by crushing certain crystals into powders which are then ingested for their healing benefits. Not all crystals can be consumed however and it takes an expert to know what types to prescribe. However, there is way to get healing benefits by simply wearing crystals, by holding them in your hand or by just having them near you. Many people can feel crystals once they know what to look for as the effects are quite gentle. There are many physical benefits to using crystals such as a lessening of pain and faster  healing of injuries, clarity of mind and general feelings of peace.

Getting Started
What is intuition ?  It is the knowing-ness that is already inside you. Sometimes people refer to intuition as their “gut feel”, the ability to know what's right.. You can increase your intuition at a higher level using crystals. Sometimes the effect of crystals on the human energy field is very subtle and difficult to describe because there is no real physical feeling such as   “hot” or “cold”. Often, the effects of crystal healing are very refined changes to the four levels of being:

The Four Levels of Being
1. Physical 
- subtle improvements to health
2. Emotional  - how you feel and express yourself emotionally
3. Psychological  - your way of thinking and responding to things around you
4. Spiritual  - expansion of your connected-ness to All That Is

Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Jasper and Hematite are sometimes called semi precious gemstones and do not cost much, maybe $1-2 US for a 1 inch tumbled stone. A tumbled gemstone is a crystal that has been smoothed through a rock polishing process called tumbling. Crystals can be worn as a necklace, pendant or ring. The best effect from wearing tumbled crystals is in a small bag hung from your neck at the heart level where they are closest to the centre of your body.

There are many books that compile the meaning of each crystal3.  Let your intuition guide you as to what crystals you need. Experiment with your intuition and feelings by selecting a crystal and wearing it through out the day. Make a note of any changes you feel and any specific events that may have been unusual for you, and any reactions from other people (where they friendlier towards you?). Each day, try out a different crystal. Explore each crystal one at a time and be aware of the specific message they bring to you. Remember, some times the healing is on more subtle levels, so check how you feel at all four levels – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. You may want to wear one type of crystal to get a special effect over a longer time. Try wearing 2 then 3 crystals for optimum effects. You can wear up to 7 crystals at one time. If you feel light-headed or dizzy, take the crystals off for a while to integrate the changes.

Developing Sensitivity to Crystals
To train yourself to be sensitive to the energy of crystals, get a 2 to 3 inch Clear Quartz crystal that has a point at the end. Take the crystal and hold the point of it about ¼ inch away from the surface of the palm of your other hand.  Make small circles over the surface of your palm. You may immediately feel some pressure, maybe tingling at the surface. If you don’t feel it right away, keep trying. Run the point of the crystal up and down the fingers and play around at the tips of the fingers. The crystal will help to activate your internal electrical energy system, to clear meridian lines that carry chi energy, and help to open up subtle energy channels called chakras. Your feet are also very sensitive to energy and you can also run the point of the crystal over your toes and ankles! If you develop sensitivity with your hands and feet, imagine what it would be like to be sensitive all over your body!  Crystal therapists have generally well developed sensitivity to crystal energy and can treat  people with many types of ailments with special crystal healing techniques. The crystal therapist will clear energy blockages that interfere with healing, balance and align chakras, and provide a deeper healing opportunity at subtle levels for clients. There is usually a stronger sense of peace and well being after these treatments, a decrease in physical pain and an increase in energy. Most crystals are inexpensive and easy to obtain from local gem and mineral shops.

The Mystery of Crystals
There is a mystery to crystal healing. Scientists are often looking for solid evidence that there is always something  accountable for measured repeatable observable effects. However, there are many things that science neglects such as the nature of spirituality in all things. Thus, the information is incomplete to provide a rational explanation for anything. For instance, when we look at the sunlight, most of us only see radiance. However, when we put a crystal prism to the light, we see the light refracted into different bands of light frequencies. Those colours were always present, but we lacked the ability to see them without the prismatic tool.  We also need the information to actually hold the prism to the light if we want to see something really exciting !
Similarly, healing energy is always present but many lack access to the right tools, being crystals and many lack the information to both direct and receive the healing. Is there a vibration  like an earthquake or a truck rumbling by ? NO. The vibrations of a crystal are subtle, very gentle. Many people need to be led to open up to another level of consciousness to actually feel and use the energy of a crystal. Without this knowledge and sensitivity, the crystal is just a rock.
Sacred Geometry
Does the molecular structure have anything to do with the subtle vibrational frequency of the crystal ? Yes, very much ! If you are familiar with sacred geometry (see Wikipedia:, and if you even have an understanding of the sublime architecture of the Moslem mosques that enjoy these principles, the inherent structure of a crystal carries the same link to the cosmos. Each crystal and each type of crystal provides a specialized link for healing as much as a specific train track takes you to your chosen destination.
When we wear the crystal anywhere on our bodies, we are tuning our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems to a larger cosmos. If we want to do more "local" healing, we can wear the crystal closer to the area we wish to heal, whether it is a physical complaint, to calm an emotion or maybe to work on unblocking a chakra, or to hold simply for meditative purposes. The Heart chakra as it is considered to be the centre of all things and is a very good plae to wear a crystal.. For more information, please read Three Steps to Crystal Healing ( and Why Crystal Healing Works ( For more articles on crystals, click here.

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3.      Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, by Melody, Earth-Love Publishing House, Ltd. – a reference book for the healing qualities of many crystals.
Any medical issues should be referred to the best competent medical professional available. This article is for information purposes only and no medical advice is intended.

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