A Crystal Layout for The Three Lower Chakras - by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist
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The Three Lower Chakras
The questions I receive most often from Readers to www.crystaltiger.com relate to self-esteem issues, how to increase fertility and what can be used for protection from negativity. These topics relate to wellness in  the lower three chakras, or the lower energy points on the body. The three lower chakras are the Root Chakra, (also called the 1st Chakra), the Spleen or Sexual Chakra (also called the 2nd Chakra), and the Solar Plexus (also called the 3rd Chakra). If you are unfamiliar with the location of these chakras, please see  The Chakras  for general information. Many people experience a restlessness in these lower three chakras due to imbalances that affects our ability to feel comfortable about ourselves. Weaknesses and imbalances often shut down our creative life force and fertility,  and can erode our ability for self-protection.  The crystals I'd like to recommend are Hematite( for the 1st Chakra) , Garnet (for the 2nd Chakra)  and Carnelian (for the 3rd Chakra) followed by a suggested easy crystal layout to focus on wellness for all three chakras.

Garnet (Top Left), Carnelian (Right) and Hematite (Lower Right)

- 1st Chakra
The "Anti-Stress Stone". (Colour – Steel Grey) When polished, Hematite looks like shiny steel.  The shiny surface reflects back any negativity and helps reduce stress to the whole body. Hematite also helps to ground energy so it doesn't fly away when challenged.
It grounds or "earths" creative energy to make one's thoughts more  practical and focused and less up in the clouds like "pie in the sky" or an unattainable dream. As a "Stress Stone", Hematite reflects negativity back  to the sender, so you don't end up with someone else's stress. For backache or  leg cramps, use surgical tape to fix a few pieces onto painful areas. The  crystal's energy is like a magnet and effectively draws out pain related to  muscular or joint alignment problems. Hematite is also used to reduce insomnia by relaxing the body and helps to reduce leg kicking during the night.

GARNET  - 2nd Chakra

The "Sex Stone" - (Colour -  Burgundy Red) Garnet strengthens the Root chakra. and restores physical and emotional energy lost through constantly ensuring the protection and welfare of self and of others.  When you feel a bit lost or abandonned in the chaos of daily life, Garnet  helps to provide the needed grounding, energizing and empowering to become more decisive and committed to a direction. It helps to ground stress and retain feelings of self- power. Garnet is well-known for enhancing and  regenerating one's sexuality (the physical aspects) for your self and partner. As Garnet helps to increase circulation to the legs and pelvic area, it is helpful for fertility. It also reduces menstrual pain when held or taped over the ovaries and uterus. 

CARNELIAN - 3rd Chakra
The "Self-Esteem Stone". (Colour – Vibrant Orange) Carnelian eliminates feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth.
The deep orange colours relate well to strengthening and blending the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras, promoting self-security and self-love, and self-protection. This stone is especially good for recovery after feeling rejection. It transmutes sadness in your Heart into the initiative to do something positive about the problem. This crystal encourages enthusiasm, and is good for giving vibrancy to one's sexuality too!!. The pinker shades relate to enhancing love through self-acceptance. This crystal is also used  for dermatological ailments such as acne, by holding the stone over the skin  and moving it in circles for several minutes, several times a day.

The Crystal Layout
You can  try a layout of these crystals placing one crystal at each of the three chakras while laying down. For best results, use crystals that are a minimum of 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter and leave them in place for 15 minutes.  For the 1st Chakra, simply place the Hematite crystal on the public bone or drop the crystal between your legs at the crotch. For the 2nd Chakra, place the Garnet  4-finger lengths below the belly button. For the 3rd Chakra, place the Carnelian  at the Solar Plexus in the soft centre below the point where the rib cage joins. Chakras tend to move around, so feel free to make personal adjustments. You can also move these crystals around - place the Hematite at the 3rd Chakra, the  Carnelian at the 2nd Chakra and the Garnet at the first Chakra for a different effect.

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