Crystals for Sleep and Insomnia - by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist
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Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
Many people experience sleeplessness, unable to fall asleep at the end of a day. Sometimes our minds and bodies are still active at a time when sleep is necessary for physical repair and mental restoration. If your focus is on reworking the day’s problems and failures, you can be overstressed to the point where relaxation is impossible. Where there is a mental restlessness, some activity may be incomplete from that day or even the previous day. Perhaps some words were not spoken that still need to be uttered. Perhaps there is some emotion that still needs to be expressed. Sometimes there is doubt that the next day will bring change and relief from the tension.  The mind is in a chronic state of vigilance and anxiety. And, there can be a fear of letting go, feeling that every day must be tidied up and complete before earning your rest. The underlying issues to insomnia, the inability to sleep, are related to trust and control.

When there is fear, there is an inability to trust life.When there is intense control, there is not enough self-motivation to let go to life and its natural rythyms. The body then responds to a false sense of the need for survival generated from negative, restrictive thoughts and emotions. The body can become tense, stiff and defensive. A rigid body can not respond to ordinary triggers to disengage from the day’s battlefield to encounter the night’s slumberfield. There may be physical pain, headaches, muscles cramping and digestive problems. As negative sleep patterns begin to repeat, it becomes more difficult to correct to a positive pattern without intervention.

Crystals for Sleep
Fortunately crystals are very forgiving. Issues of trust and control correlate to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. To achieve some headway with chronic insomnia, there are two approaches. First, to clear the mind of obstructions to mental peace, and secondly to relax the body by clearing obstructions to physical peace. Here are some crystals to help. If you are not sure how to use crystals, please see my article Three Steps to Healing with Crystals and the Tips at the end of the article:

Garnet brings order to chaos and helps to regenerate energy. It is not a stimulant when used for insomnia although it is also used to increase sexual energy. Garnet can be held in the hand or placed on the belly button or on top of the public bone to provide grounding due to a lack of self-worth, personal security and to neutralize nervous energy.

Jade is a physically and mentally relaxing and provides a soothing vibration and sense of well being to the entire body especially when there have been health concerns. Wearing jade as necklace or pendant for a few hours before resting will promote relaxation.

Amethyst is helpful to reduce headache and other pain. It helps to view and transform one’s issues into manageable pieces. Amethyst is a Master Healer and can be used to regulate imbalances in your life. Place a large single Amethyst piece or Amethyst cluster on your heart chakra (centre chest at the breast bone) for about 15 minutes prior to bedtime. You can leave it on as you sleep, letting the crystal roll off on its own, or using some white surgical tape to keep it in place. For longer term results, wear a pendant of amethyst at the heart chakra.

Hematite is physically and mentally calming. This crystal helps to reduce back and leg pain (tape pieces over the sore areas). It is balances yin-yang energy and dissolves negativity. If you feel that others are attacking you energetically, having hematite on you will help to deflect and transform unwanted energies into universal light.

Lepidolite is the anti-stress crystal. It helps to dissolve accumulated tension and to alleviate despondency and to further acceptance of change. Lepidolite also helps to promote feelings of well-being ands trust, and to alleviate digestive issues. Holding this crystal in your hand during a stressful situation will help relax tense muscles and calm emotional heat. Use it during the day to help offset muscle tension and emotional stress before bedtime. You can also use the crystals if you wake up during the night to settle an overactive mind and to reduce a buildup of physical restlessness. Holding one loosely in each hand will help you drift back to sleep.

Sodalite is a crystal of peace that helps to reduce mental chatter and confusion. Put the crystal under your feet tol calm your whole body. Place the crystals around your head or in your pillow at night to promote mental relaxation. You can also say some affirmations such as “I am now relaxed and sleepy”.

Lapis Lazuli helps with mental focus and to provide mental clarity and awareness. Used before bedtime, it can help bring resolution to unfinished mental business. Wearing Lapis throughout the day will provide an on-going improved outlook on life, self-acceptance and the courage let go of control. Tape a small peice to the Third Eye to enhance your dream recall.

Clear Quartz has the ability to calm and re-pattern erratic energy into a positive pattern. A quartz crystal cluster is excellent for an unsettled mind. At bedtime, use your eyes and gaze into the crystal cluster. Let your mind explore the small niches and valleys, the points, the caverns and inner reflections. As you gaze, the crystal will return your energy through your touch and breath, cleared of unwanted energies and distracting thoughts and will help calm your body. If you have a single clear quartz crystal, you can gaze inside the crystal as a form of meditation to calm your mind. You can also use the instructions mentioned for Amethyst.

Kunzite has a high lithium content and helps a whirling, neurotic, obsessive mind to calm down and relax. Wearing the crystal at the heart chakra throughout the day provides the most help. For people who wake up earlier than expected without full rest, use this crystal at the heart chakra to reduce anxiety over not requiring enough sleep. There are many who sleep under 5 hours a night without illness. I slept with only 5 hours rest a night for 2 years while completing a graduate school program and working full time.

Moonstone is a very old remedy for calming emotional distress that activates insomnia. It helps to reduce emotional tension. Moonstone is the yin energy, the feminine. It helps to stimulate self-composure and self-confidence. I keep pieces of moonstone by the window sill during the full moon to absorb the moon’s rays. When needed, place the crystal on the solar plexus or heart chakra against bare skin and focus on the crystal for gentle calming.

Tips - Crystal Layout
You can also try a layout of these crystals in a circle around your bed, placed under the bedsheets, under your pillow or in your pillow case or taped onto the chakras. If you are really stuck in a chronic pattern, then don’t sleep. Get up and do something. Make a hot drink, read, listen to some music, take a shower, maybe dance to let go of some physical tension or make up an action plan to follow through on your thoughts. Go to bed only when you are truley aware that you are tired and don't worry about how much sleep you didn't get. You can make it alright if you pace yourself out the next day and rest when you can.

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