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Horse Healing Workshop 
Karen Ryan (in black) with Laurna Butler (in pink)at Karen's Horse Healing Workshop in Aurora, Ontario. Laurna is holding a special crystal healing wand used for horses. The wand alternates Malachite with Hematite to reduce pain in the muscles of a large area.  Karen is holding a large Amethyst over the horse's hip to energize the area. In her left hand, Karen is using a large Clear Quartz to sweep excess energy from the hip muscles down and away from the horse. The horse's response to all this attention was lowering the head and knashing the teeth in sheer delight!

Healing Pets and Animals with Crystals
Using crystals for healing pets and animals can produce quick results. A few years ago I was healing at a horse farm when one horse was severely bitten over the eye by another during exuberant play. The owner immediately brought the injured horse to me who was profusely bleeding from a 4 inch gash on the eye brow. I had just been demonstrating the use of a crystal wand. The wand was made of a large Amethyst crystal fixed to a 2 foot copper wand. I pointed the wand to the horseís eye brow and held it several inches away, holding it steady. Within 30 seconds the blood flow had stopped. Over the next few minutes, we were amazed to see that scar tissue was starting to form. The owner, Laurna was delighted, as she said the crystal healing had saved her an emergency visit from the vet to sew up the  gash. Not all crystal healings are as spontaneous as the above, but you can expect a quickening of the healing process. In the following, I have outlined some suggested animal healing techniques and recommend 15 healing crystals to help you in your healing of animals.

Getting Started
There are some very simple crystal healing techniques that can be used to help your pet or animal friend to be more comfortable during times of stress or illness. Healing animals requires the healer to have a very strong and centered mind. An animalís mind is not like a humanís. Humans relate to pain. Animals react to pain. Any fear you carry inside you will be sensed by an animal and amplified by the crystals. It is important to be balanced, centered, grounded, and have good intentions and no distractions before you attempt these crystal healing techniques. Crystals tend to amplify the effects, and you will need to be cautious until you determine how your pet will react.

When you work on your pet, know when enough is enough. Watch for "tell-tail" signs: tail swishing, foot stamping, ears back, teeth-baring, hair-raising, attempts to flee, and other warning altogether. Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for the animal to integrate, or be too intense and may cause pain and other discomfort. As crystal energy promotes rapid healing, easing off may help alleviate the stress caused by a healing  crisis. When the healing is good, the animal will show signs of  comfort and affection, such as eye-lids drooping, teeth gnashing, drooling, general softening of muscle tissues, and sighing.

The following are some suggestions for using crystals for healing pets and animals. It is not intended that this information replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinary. As always, seek the best available competent medical advice for your pet or animal.

Some Crystal Healing Techniques for Pets and Animals
- Place Amethyst, or Rose Quartz or other crystals, underneath your  pet-friendís bed or pillow for up to two weeks. Be cautious of sharp edges and position the stones to be comfortable and safe for your pet. If the crystal energy is too intense, your pet will be agitated and may not want to rest in their bed. If your pet likes the crystals, you will see an improvement in their health within a few days.

- Hold the crystal in your hand, and starting a few inches away  from the affected part or injured area, rotate the crystal   clock-wise. Take your time, go slow, breath gently and evenly. Animals express their emotions with movement, so watch if your pet wants more or tries to move away.

- Get a small pouch that can attach to a collar and place up to  three crystals inside. If you put too many crystals in, your pet
may feel disoriented. Be careful that the pouch does not  interfere with movement or cause it to be caught on anything.

- Warm up crystals in the sun before your healing session. The sun  gives masculine, active yang energy to the crystals. Apply the
warm crystals to injured areas. If you are using an ice bag to  reduce swellings, try a few tumbled Smokey Quartz with the ice to help unblock over-active or inflamed areas.

- Add a Rose Quartz or Amethyst to your pet-friendís water bowl or  bucket. The crystal will leave its energy signature in the water and, when ingested, the energy will go where it is most needed. However, never use Malachite in drinking water as the high copper content is poisonous.

The following is a selection of generally available crystals and  gemstones and their associated physical healing focus.

         15 Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals
        * AMETHYST -Master Healer Ė Used for Everything. Pain , Disorientation, Head area
        * BLACK ONYX - Bowels, Parasites, Protection
        * CALCITE - Skeletal
        * CARNELIAN - Skin
        * CLEAR QUARTZ - Master Healer - Effective for All Conditions
        * CORAL - Kidneys, Bladder
        * FLUORITE - (blue) Bones, (blue/green or clear) Respiration, (green) Blood Purification or Lymphs, (green/yellow) Digestion
        * GARNET - Reproductive System
        * HEMATITE - Muscular System. Reduces pain. Is Magnetic.
        * KYANITE - Alignment of all Chakras, Tendons, or Bones
                                           STONE!! Malachite has very high levels of copper and can lead to serious or fatal blood
                                           poisoning  even if small amounts are swallowed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
                                        - Used for Heart Problems, Liver Detoxification.
        * ROSE QUARTZ - Injuries, Wounds, Reduces Stress
        * SMOKEY QUARTZ - Nervous System, Swellings
        * SODALITE - Calming, Nervousness, Good for Settling Downc During Travel
        * SUGILITE - Death and Dying-  for dealing  with a dying pet
        * TURQUOISE - Master Healer Ė Used for Everything. Protection From Illness

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