Three Steps to Crystal Healing - by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist
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Healing with Crystals
There are three steps to effective crystal healing: Cleansing, Harmonizing and Integrating, and Stabilizing. When you wear a crystal, you are initiaing a powerful esoteric healing process that requires time to make adjustments to your energy vibration.  Crystals should be worn next to the skin for best results, preferably as a pendant. The size of the crystal should be relative to your budget. There are many inexpensive semi-precious crystals such as Rose Quartz than cost less than $1 U.S. The crystal should be what you can afford and as a minimum size, the crystal should be no smaller than the finger nail on your 5th finger. You can also put up to 7 crystals into a leather or silk pouch and wear it at the heart chakra (located at the center of the upper chest). Many people are too sensitive to wear 7 crystals, so try one or two at first and see how you do. While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry or in a pouch at your heart center, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances all over your body. The Heart Chakra re-distributes the energy so you do not need to wear the crystal directly at a part of your body unless you are trying to heal that area physically. For more information about crystal healing, see my article Why Crystals Work from my web site

The Cleansing Process
The first step is the cleansing process. In first week or so, the crystal is making tremendous adjustments within your energy field, matching the matrix of your energy fields to a larger outer universal energy field which will be used in your healing.

It is important to keep the crystal on you all the time (24 hours a day) for at least the first 21 days for this cleansing process to be initiated and completed. This is also a period of time where the blockages of energy that are causing the imbalance are removed.

Sometimes a healing crisis occurs at this point, during the early days of wearing the crystal. A healing crisis may occur as a sudden release of energy, perhaps as an emotional release, a sudden increase of pain before feeling a release, visions, intense dreaming and other mental, emotional or physcial phenomena. Remember, crystals accelerate the change process. Allow these processes to occur without interruption, by continuously wearing the stone or crystal until you complete the next two steps. As always, seek competant medical attention for health issues and use your common sense.

It is a good idea to cleanse your crystal every week and to recharge it in the sunlight for at least four hours weekly through out the healing process. See my article on How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Your Crystals from my web site for more information.

Harmonizing and Integrating
The second step in crystal healing is the process of harmonizing and integrating the changes into your whole being. You may notice physical and emotional changes in either of the first or second steps as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies come into alignment. Some of these changes are caused by throwing off toxins and negative energies from the cleansing process which continues throughout the cycle of healing.

In the second stage, beginning in about the fourth week of wearing the stone or crystal, you may notice that your face looks more relaxed as the harmonizing connection is made within yourself. Your mental outlook, thoughts, feelings and even opinions may change significantly. Perhaps others who know you will comment as well. All aspects of your energy will be activated and the result is a very positive feeling. However, you are not out of the woods yet!

The third step can take three to four months, perhaps even longer for some people depending on the intensity of the original condition. With continuous wearing of the stones or crystals, you will achieve stability for the changes. There is no turning back at this point.

You can test out your stability by removing your crystals from time to time, for a few hours or days at a time. If you feel desperate and need to put your crystals back on after only a few minutes, you are not even close to stabilizing the energy changes. If you are able to go for a few days without your stones, but then notice you are slipping back into your old ways, consider wearing your stones for another week or more, or only at bedtime before testing again. As you develop deeper sensitivity for crystal energy, you may decide to keep the crystals on much longer to complete the healing process that may take up 4 to 6 months or longer.

Some Hints On Crystal Healing
Your commitment to the crystal is part of the healing process. Let the crystal do the work for you. It is best not to wear more than two stones at any one time if you are new to crystal healing, as many people find the effects too distracting. The length of time to obtain the effects desired will depend on the quality of the crystal (size, colour, energy charge), location of wear, duration, and the crystal's appropriateness to your healing. Some crystals are better suited to healing the overall problem which underlies the symptoms, than to just treating superficial symptoms. Select your crystal with an honest outlook on the real problem. Please  refer to my other articles on using specific crystals for Stress, Romance, Children, Pets and Animals, Men and Women's  Issues at

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