How to prepare a Bach Flower Remedy

1. Select the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy stock bottle for your issue(s). Store the remedy away from loud noises, drafts and strong odors including aromatherapy products. It is homeopathic and should be treated gently.
2. Obtain a 2 oz. amber medicine bottle with glass dropper from a pharmacy. Fill the bottle with pure spring water (not distilled) about 2/3 full. Add 1/3 brandy (VSOP, Napoleon brandy or whatever you are able to get that is "brandy"). Brandy is a natural perservative  for homeopathic stability and is used widely for homeopathic preparations. You can substitute apple cider for brandy for an alcohol-free remedy, but I wouldn't. Brandy tastes much nicer. You can minimize the brandy however and fill the bottle 4/5ths spring water and 1/5th brandy. The amount of alcohol is minimal in a drop. The stock bottle will last some time and contains about 90 drops.
3. Add two drops (only) from the stock bottle to the amber bottle. Using 1 stock remedy at a time is very good for working through heavy issues. Up to 5 can be added for different issues. I like about 3 to help balance out the healing.
4. Shake the bottle 32 times to mix the solution and to activate the ingredients.
5. Take 5 drops in a clean mouth (that is no smoking, eating, drinking or brushing teeth for about 20 minutes on either side of taking the remedy). Do not touch your tongue to the dropper. Let your tongue coat your mouth with the remedy. Some people feel something immediately. Sometimes other will notice the effects in you, in a few days.
6. Repeat 3 to 5 times a day. Try to use the remedy for 21 days in a row (part of a natural change process).
7. There are lots of book, so go ahead and read up on Bach Flower Remedies.
Karen Ryan, Copyright 2002