Why Crystal Healing Works - By Karen Ryan

There are many sceptics who question the use of crystals for healing. One author has even suggested that crystals are the ultimate placebo, having no inherent value or healing quality at all. I'd like to suggest that if taken on the level of scepticism, the world is flat to those who think it is flat. Crystal healing works if you believe crystals  work. Indeed with anything new, you start somewhere, thinking "Oh, well, I'm willing to try it and see if it works". Patients who take pharmaceutical medication prescibed by their doctors may also say the same thing, but their belief system doesn't stop the medication from working, even if the pill is a placebo ! Just a small opening of consciousness is enough to make a positive connection with a crystal or anything else in life. With a negative connection ("Crystals don't do a thing"), not much can be gained. There is no room for healing with a closed mind. Both the will to heal and the openness of the person's mind for healing and the object for healing (the crystal) come together to make things happen. I think people need to learn how to heal and that it takes time for some people to make a strong connection within themselves for healing to happen.

<>Why Does Crystal Healing Work ?
Let's take this to another level. So, why does crystal healing work ? Not how does crystal healing work, but why ? I believe that crystals really are just stones. We tend to attribute certain value to them, as we do with gold. The more rare an item is, the more interesting it is and the more value we place on it. There is a transcendent nature to crystals. I call this natural event  a consciousness opening or an initiation, a spritual initiation. A person can come to me with a crystal they've been working with for a few months, saying they get nothing out of it, so what's the mystery. After a discussion and some guidance, the person can suddenly feel the crystal. So, what's happened ? The person still has the same crystal. So, the person must have changed in some way. That is what crystal healing is all about - affecting a healing using the crystals as the catalyst for the change. Oh, there really is some real energy there in the crystals too, of course. You can even measure their properties scientifically for electro-magnetic energy, pizioelectric energy as well as for known chemical substances. When you how to use these physcial attributes on an esoteric level, crystal energy can be used even more effectively.  There is a line between the physical and the metaphysical. With crystals and your mind and your breath which is a carrrier for energy, you can remove the line and use whatever your consciousness has to offer.

Here are some antidotal stories  about the power of healing with crystals. I owed a crystal store for about 2 years before doing full-time crystal healing. A number of people would come into the store looking for healing. Many were skeptics. There were many occasions where people received spontaneous healings such as with personal issues. I recall a few:

* A young man had swollen hands and asked if there was a crystal to use for his complaint. I suggested Halite, which is salt. I asked him to put a piece in his hand. During the next few minutes, his hands started shaking and when he opened them there was a puddle of water in the palm of his hand that ran off onto the counter. The swelling in his hands had shrunk and he claimed he could now bend his fingers more easily.

* One man came into the store to thank me for helping his family. I asked how had crystals helped his family specifically and he said that his son had cut off the tip of his finger. He had quickly wrapped his son's finger with a bandage and in the bandage put his quartz crystal that he bought only a few days previously in my shop. We had been talking about crystals used for healing. He said, it seemed like a good idea to wrap the crystal in the bandage. He said his son felt no pain and that the surgeons were amazed to find the damaged area was good condition for this type of injury. The doctors were also a little startled seeing the crystal drop out of the bandage. They sewed the tip back on and the son healed faster than expected.

* An elderly woman came into the shop asking me if I recognized her. I hadn't. She reminded me that the last time I'd seen her was about 2 months ago and that she'd walked in using two canes. Clearly, she had no canes with her this time. She said she used the copper and garnet for her arthritist I had suggested and that it had worked so well, she no longer needed use of her canes.

*  Others have told me that their thyroid medication had been reduced after using crystals, usually Amethyst.

I often do not remember what crystals I tell people to use. Maybe I am channelling the information for them and it doesn't get stored in my consciousness. However, when I hear their success stories, I feel I have helped people make a connection for self-healing.

Crystal healing is satisfying for many people as they can participant either actively or in a passive manner - whatever is appropriate to their healing.  Sometimes, the crystals do all the work. Sometimes, the person does all the work. Sometimes, a Higher Force does all the work.

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Date: 2007/02/10
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