This exciting new shipment of Himalayan Quartz Crystals comes from the Ganesh Himal region of the Himalayans. Extracted by hand in the clear air of the Himalayans,10,000 - 15,000 feet above sea level, these crystals were carried in knapsacks by sherpas over a distance of 7 walking days. These crystals have been exposed to the harsh weather of the high mountains, including snow, wind, ice and cold. They have grown nearest to the celestial bodies for eons of time. They have absorbed the wisdom of the yogis and saints of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. They have the yang energies of the tallest mountains on Earth. The Himalayans are considered to be the axis of the planet. In Nepal, the locals view these crystals as the "Eye of God".
Tantric Himalayan Quartz Crystal, above
Out of each 50 pounds picked by hand and brought out by the villagers, only 5 pounds is of good enough quality to reach us here in North America. Absolutely no machines were used, and no mining or blasting was done to acquire these crystals. They have been cleared of their growing matrix, so that their facets and clarity can be seen. These crystals are in their natural state, unpolished. These crystal help those seeking attunement and Higher Consciousness. There is a very personal high-frequency energy exchange with those who come in contact with these extraordinary Himalayan Crystals.

Mind Power- to mirror the different facets of ego, active in guiding through layers of confusion and karma.
Soul Power- to uplift, to contact the Source of Oneness and bridge Heart-Mind-Spirit, to learn from within.
Masters- to clear Atlantean karma (misuse of power), teachings from Beings of Light from other dimensions.

They are eager to speak-teach-initiate us and to empower us. These crystals reject programming, refusing to be used as tools. Rather, they are eager to Speak-Teach-Initiate. One has to develop a sense of respect and surrender to listen to them, to hear them, to follow their advice. They have great personality, spirit and wit, humour, love and foregiveness. They know, being older than we are and are deeply connected to the web of life.

Classic shapes and features of Himalayan Quartz include a wide base, and sloping sides which narrow towards the tip. These crystals are elegant and have many faces which merge in a harmonious convergence of energy, know as "Cathedral Crystals". Some crystals have a blue-gray tint, indicating that the crystal has been used as an Earth-Healer. Some crystals have a gray-brown tint, indicating the presence of natural radiation as one would find in a Smokey Quartz. There are some which appear yellowish due to the inclusion of matrix material. There are some crystals with inclusions of Chlorite, a greenish/chalky organic substance incorporated into the crystal as it developed. These beautiful gifts from the earth provide on-going feelings of peace and compassion to their owner. Sizes range from 1 1/2" to 6" length and from 25 - 400g in weight each, various prices from $20 to $150 U.S. Prices are in Canadian dollars as well as U.S. Copyright Karen Ryan, 2000. All rights reserved.


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