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Email from Readers for the Week ending September 5, 2004

Healing Qualities of Swarovski Crystals

Dear Karen,
I stumbled upon your website. Very interesting. I create and design jewelry using Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver. My question is would Swarovski Crystals be considered healing crystals?
Thank You. ~ J-L.

Hi  J-L;
The composition of Swarovski crystal is glass and is not made from natural crystals.  Swarovski crystal  like other types of man-made glass crystals  use lead to give it weight and that wonderful brilliance like a diamond. However, there are several thoughts. One is that glass crystasl  is not rock crystal, it has absolutely no healing benefits. In fact, some consider that the vibration of lead is detrimental to one's health and can actually create cement of one's aura, literally shutting it down.
However, if one wears it infrequently, there is the benefit of enjoyment and upliftment from the dazzling display of reflected colours and brilliance in the light. A nice showy peice can bring happiness to both the wearer and the admirers of the peice. It is like carrying a little rainbow where ever you go. And if you have a these beautifully formed crystals as a table peice or other stationary object, just put it in the sun and a lot of happiness instantly  happens in the room !  I have many throughout my house to reminde me of my spiritual path, to enhance the Feng Shui (chi) in my house and to create beauty and joy in my home. I find that the benefits of Rainbow Light in the room creates happiness and therefore there are healing benefits at the emotional level.
So, there you go.
Enjoy !
Thank-you for your question.

  Love & L*ght,
   Karen Ryan
    Crystal Energy Therapist

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