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A Magic Stone for Shy Children

Dear Karen,
Please could you assist me with regards to my son.  He is 5 years old and is emotionally immature and is highly sensitive child.  He is supposed to be starting Grade 1 next year, but I don't believe he will be able to cope emotionally.  I am trying to find a school for him which would suit his character.  He really is a mommy's boy.
He doesn't like new situations and cries very easily and is always telling me that he is shy.  I don't like to push him as I believe that he must be able to go at his own pace, but it it sometimes very difficult to follow that rule.  It is rather emotionally taxing on me.
Thank you.
G.  from South Africa

Hi G;
I have several suggestions for you and your son.
1. Don't push - sensitive children often have different rates of development than others. Try to make positive experiences for him to build his self-confidence and self -esteem. The crystal to support self-confidence is Carnelian. Your son can put it in his pocket and hold onto it when he feel "shy" (insecure). Get him to talk about each experience when he feels withdrawn and find a way to correct it, such as going out and coming back into the room a few times so he sees the same people/place as now being familiar. He seems to have missed an important connection, perhaps from over-protection (mothering too much past age 3). Usually fathers help their sons grow more independent. How involved is the father in raising this child ?
2. Find ways to stretch his ability to handle new situations, such as leaving him overnight with friends or family without you. Life can be fun in new situations !
3. Children will grow up despite their parents. You did ! Perhaps you were shy at his age ? I usually find some family history in behind their own behavior that parents overlook. Check it out.
4. Try the "Magic Stone". Get a clear quartz crystal. Let your son pick it out himself. This is a "Magic Stone" that will protect him whenever he gets nervous and unsure of himself. What you will do after he selects the crystal is to roll it back and forth in your hands very fast and tell the crystal that it now has the duty to look after your son while he sleeps, while he dreams, while he eats, while he pees (that will make him laugh !), while he rides his bike etc... but that he has to try to look after himself too and that will make the Magic Stone even more powerful in looking after him. Mind you, it can't prevent scrapes and bruises and won't get him out of any mischief he creates for himself. But, it will help him feel better knowing that the stone is watching him and will help protect him. It is a form of distraction, but also a way that the crystal will engage in the energy with the child and the two of them shouls hit if off. Got it ?
5. What mom needs is a lot of faith and an nice faceted gemstone Amethyst pendant to wear at her Heart for both herself and her son to keep her emotions straight, her head clear and her Heart open with unconditional love.
Thank-you for your question. Good Luck !

  Love & L*ght,
   Karen Ryan
    Crystal Energy Therapist

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