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Email from Readers for the Week ending March 6, 2004

Crystals for Psoriasis

Dear Karen,
Saw your website and liked it very much.  My partner has suffered with severe psoriasis for 20 years and is on a worrying cocktail of drugs for which he has to have 4 monthly blood tests to check if they are damaging his liver.  Knowing in a very amateur way the gentle power of crystals, can you suggest anything that may help this condition.  I feel the root of the problem is in his sub-conscious so anything that will help on both that level and the physical manifestation would be a start. Any help you could give would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
V.  from the U.K

Hi V;
Thanks for your comments about the web site. You can read many/any books on crystals in the U.K. Most of them say the same thing. However, most omit the psychotherapy  aspects. Your partner's psoriasis is persistent because the underlying subconscious programming has not yet been reversed. This condition is about "not being good enough".   Such a person does not end up achieving what they want to be doing. They settle for their incompleteness and lack the ability to take responsibility for themselves. Thus, they are perpetually gnawing at themselves, nagging that they don't deserve better until they deliver the goods but as they are never good enough (from the "parent" voice inside their head). They will never reward themselves for what they are able to do. Thus, they avoid pleasure and joy. Twenty years is a long time to be unsatisfied within themselves. So the condition is chronic until they unravel the complex.
What is needed is a crystal for breaking the pattern : Amethyst for helping to make the needed transition. As well, Carnelian - for the skin and for re-building damage to self esteem. The crystal needs to be worn ALL THE TIME at the Heart Chakra, in direct contact with  the skin, to restore one's self reliance and emotional independence. The crystals should also be programmed  for positive affirmations about being good enough and for self-acceptance. (See my article on How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Your Crystals) The person must be open to receive the healing from the crystals. It is good of you to ask on their behalf, but is no good unless the person is willing to change. The crystal becomes the catalyst for that change.
Thank-you for your question. Good Luck !

So Take Care,
  Love & L*ght,
   Karen Ryan
    Crystal Energy Therapist

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