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Email from Readers for the Week ending Feb 7, 2004

A Note to Readers

Dear Readers,

Many of you have written over the past few years, asking for advice on what crystals to wear and for tips on healing with crystals. I have been touched by your sincerity and with your sharing of your many personal issues.  I have been working on a Monthly NewLetter format that will include a featured crystal, frank stories about  healing experiences and other items of interest to crystal healers. I have decided to make this newletter available by request only and to recommend it only to those who have some background already in esoteric healing.  You will have to contact me at if you wish to be put on the distribution list.

For those of you who are ready...
Shortly, I will be selling crystal skulls along with a book on crystal skulls and a set of instructions written by my friend, Skully (Richard) and me. The size of the skulls will  start at about 2 inches and have been specificially selected for esoteric use according to my personal criteria (e.g., clarity, special crystal formations...). If you would like to obtain a large crystal skull (over 3 kg.), please contact  me.

Finally, as a reminder I have on-going crystal healing classes and invite you to come and learn some new crystal healing techniques. For those who are in other countries, my distance course isn't ready yet due to an extremely busy life. I am taking names on a waiting list and it shouldn't be too much longer.

So Take Care,
  Love & L*ght,
   Karen Ryan
    Crystal Energy Therapist

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