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Email from Readers for the Week ending Jan 9, 2004

Rottweiller with Bone Cancer, Owner with a Big Heart

Dear Karen,
I just found your web site and love it.  My adult daughter just found out her 6 year old rottweiller has bone cancer, a rapidly progressing cancer.  The vet treated Guido aggressively by immediately amputating his right front leg and will start him on chemo soon.  I have worked in the human medical field for 20 years and am begging oncologists I know to let me have any unused chemo drugs for him since humans and animals use the same.  However, after researching osteosarcoma in canines the prognosis is not good.  Jennifer, my daughter has a huge heart and has always taken in every animal that is lost, abused, etc.  now this has to happen to her. She is broken hearted.  She is a beautiful girl and such a hard worker and bought her own home recently.  I would like to give Guido any help I can as well as to my daughter. Please tell me what would be best using crystals or stones.    Thank you, it is so hard not to be able to kiss Jennifer and make it better like when she was little.  ~S.

Hi S.;
What a heart-warming story. I'm sorry to hear about your pet Guido. Animals are usually very adaptable and look to humans for guidance on their emotional state. So, if you are comforting, the dog will think this acceptable and will adjust. Humans, however have many obscurations, projections and other unresolved emotional states. I think your daughter may need to grow up and accept what is happening in the world she has taken on. I know that as a mother you would like her to avoid the pain she is feeling, but seriously, you cannot do the work for her, as you know. In learning detachment, her emotional heart will have a place for other things in her life perhaps.
It is much easier to give and get unconditional love from animals. It seems she has been doing this most of her life. Why ? Usually we see this type of behavior in someone who is either genuinely totally compassionate, or who is using the animals as a ruse to avoid feeling emotional pain in their life. It is a form of deflection of the deep hurt they have felt at one point in their life, even the rage they may feel, burying these negative emotions in the outer shell of love towards an object that cannot hurt her. There may be feelings of worthlessness and other low self-esteem patterns such as self-rejection and inadequacy. And all within a house that can contain the process.
So, overall, I suggest that you use Amethyst (at the Heart with a gold chain, preferably a faceted Amethyst about 1 inch minimum in size and a deep purple, wear it all the time) to stay in your own good heart and to watch the process, helping your daughter when asked. Jennifer and the dog have karma together so let them work it out together. After the heart-break of looking after a pet that cannot recover from such a serious illness, she will recover however and will be stronger for it. Learning detachment while giving full compassion to others (just try humans for a change !!) is a terrific soul-builder. Let her learn how to do this. If you would like to get a crystal for her to compliment her work and her life, I suggest either an Emerald on a gold chain to be worn at her heart (about a 22-24" necklace) or a peice of Jade or Turquoise anywhere on her body. The turquoise can also be used for Guido, attached to his collar, for protection and perhaps to help slow down the spread of cancer. It will help your daughter if the process of watching the pet pass on  is seen as a natural event in the dog's life, in everyone's life and will help her grow too.
P.S. You and your daughter were married to each other in a previous life. You were the man, in China, around 1710. A rare love indeed because of your protection extended to even not letting a raindrop splatter on her head.
Take care,
  Love & L*ght,
   Karen Ryan
    Crystal Energy Therapist

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