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Crystal Compatibility -

Hi Karen;
I've heard that some crystals don't work well together.  Two questions:
1) How can I find out which are incompatible?
2) Does this also mean that they shouldn't sit side by side on a shelf?

Hi Anita:
I can't imagine why some crystals "don't work well together". Afterall, they all grow in the earth together and are all art of the Oneness of All. I always ask people to quesiton what they hear/read about crystals because, anyone can make things up and if left unchecked, a person can be misled and mis-informed. I encourage people to experiment with crystals and that way you will have a direct experience and will take "belief" into "knowing". So, I challenge you to do the same. Try working with one crystal for one week, wearing it all the time (24 hours a day). Then the following week, try another crystal for the same duration. Then, wear both of them together for a week and record your experiences. When you become sensitive to the crystals, your own consciousness will be opening up and you will be able to very quickly understand what crystal healing is all about at whatever level is appropriate for you in this lifetime.
As for "incompatibility" you will need to explain a bit more. It could happen that you are using a crystal, say a Clear Quartz crystal  to meditate and at the same time you are holding a black tourmaline which is very grounding. Your expectation is to fly out of your body in a vast meditative experience with the quartz crystal...except you are too grounded to go anywhere because you have been holding the black tourmaline. Tsk, tsk, tsk !. Now, what is incompatible is your level of expectation and your lack of understanding about the nature of the specific crystals working together. The crystals know exactly what to do together and while you may perceive them as being incompatible because you didn't get to travel astrally, you were meant perhaps just to sit quietly and prepare yourself for a time that may come when you will travel astrally.
I will tell you a story now, of when I came across a box of crystals at The Rock of Ages, in Kleinberg, Ontario. I saw that the box contained about 6 or 7 tumbled Amethyst crystals about 1/2 inch in diameter. There were also some similar size and number of  Smokey Quartz. I picked up the Amethyst and immediately felt there energy as Smokey Quartz. Then, I reached for the Smokey Quartz and was suprized that they felt like Amethyst. Now I was confused, so I called out to Wendy, the store-keeper and asked her "Where did these crystals come from?". She said that they had been in the box in the basement for the past year and she'd just brought them up that morning. The crystals had taken on the properties of the other crystals in the box, resonating at the same frequency.
Due to the properties of crystal resonance, any object that is in proximity of another object of higher frequency will begin to resonate up to that level. That is why bells in a clarion ring together when one is rung. When you put all your crystals together, like members of a large family, they all start to behave the same way. So, you see, all crystals are therefore the same. We experience their energies at different rates, as you perceive things at different levels at different times. The same person has a different experience climbing stairs at age 2 than he/she does at age 16 or at age 80. The crystal stays the same, but your consciousness has shifted. So, why not try experimenting more and see what you can learn about yourself. Please remember, crystals are composite materials. It is your own consciousness that is making the shifts of perception and therefore you have nothing to fear as it is all your own energy. There are no text books, there are no right answers, there is nothing bad, no wrong, no harm and nothing to fear.
Enjoy !
 Karen Ryan
  Crystal Energy Therapist

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