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Email from Readers for the Week ending November 17, 2003

The Royal Sapphire

Dear Karen,

I've been reading lots of info posted on the website about crystals and stuff but I have a question about a stone / crystal what about the sapphire, ?? You've talked about ruby, emerald, and amethysts but nothing about the sapphire.  It's also my birthstone.  If there's any info about the sapphire let me know, thanks for your time.  Sincerely yours Amber

Hi Amber;
Sapphire is also my birthstone. I'm sure you can get lots of information about this stone on the Internet at various sites and through various books. Here's some information you may not know and sources:

The Blue Sapphire Deva (from The Newcastle Guide to Healing with Gemstones): "When you seek to expand spiritually, you may need to be nurtured and supported your practice of faith. I fill you with a compassionate, eternal peace that creates a clam environment for you to expand your spiritual sensitivities."

This crystal is totally about creativity and supports the second chakra. In the Ayurvedic system, (see Harish Johari - "The Healing Power of Gemstones") The Royal Sapphire is full of Saturn energy and is a friend to Venus and Mercury.  For more power, add emerald and diamond to a ring of sapphire. Best time is wear it in the evening. Wear it on the middle finger of the right hand (the Saturn finger)for best results. This will bring good luck, relieve poverty and suffering, provide vitality, vigor, life forces, logevity, happiness. peace and prosperity. The best saphhires come from Burma or Kashmir.

Good luck with your Sapphires !
 Karen Ryan
  Crystal Energy Therapist

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