Ask Karen About Crystals

Email from Readers for the Week ending September 26, 2003

Crystals for Tumours

Dear Karen,
Hope you dont mind me writing to you, but I have come across your web page and have been reading with great interest the benefits of crystals. My brother Michael has been diagnoised with cancer of the gullet and is undergoing chemotherapy at this moment to hopefully shrink the tumor, I have given to him a boxed set of crystals I bought and had never used to lay upon his body, which he has been doing, the yellow crystal I believe it was, which was lying on the part where the tumor is became very warm and when he moved it down it returned back to where the tumor was so he moved it up a bit but again it moved back to where the tumor was, is that a sign that it was working.

Also I was wondering what crystal would benefit Michael to help shrink the tumor, at the moment along with the chemotherapy he is also receiving distant healing which is helping so much.

Thank you for your time.
Yours faithfully,
Andrew, Norfolk UK

Hi Andrew;
Your story about the crystal moving about is very stimulating and obviously there is a healing connection. To help things along, either you or your brother could hold the peice about 1 inch above and over the tumour. Let your hand guide you in circles around the area of the tumour, at any speed that seems "right". This will cause negative energy to come away from the tumour. If you can do this for say, 5 minutes then "detach" the crystal from the area by making a sudden snapping motion away from the body, as if drawing the illness from the area.Then, place the crystal back over the area, right on the skin and leave it there for a further 10 minutes. This will help rebuild the tissues in the area. After that, you will need to cleanse the crystal in salt water over night to dispel the negative energy from the crystal. I'm sure you will see results from this technique. Go with you intuition.

As for shrinking the tumour, use the above technique and to help break it up further, try a purple fluorite, placing it onto the same area for ten minutes before starting the circular motions with the other crystal or tape it over the area overnight (preferred).

Take care,
 Best Wishes,
   Karen Ryan
     Crystal Energy Therapist

The Follow-up:
Dear Karen,
Since writing to you last, my brother Michael has been using the crystals doing as you sugested to help with the shrinkage of the main tumor, and we have indeed had good results with the tumor shrinking faster than the specialists imagined it would, which we are all thrilled about.  Sally, my brother's wife uses the crystals on Michael every day but Michael has found that when the purple fluorite is placed upon him it feels like it is drawing and is uncomfortable is that a good sign as it was not happening before or should a different crystal be used and if so could you advise which ones to use.

Many thanks for your advice and help,

The drawing sensation means that the healing is intense and the crystal should be held a bit higher over the body. You can also celanse it in salt water if you have not already done so. You may also use a green Jade over the area to soothe the tissues. As always, talk to your medical professional for a follow-up.
Love and L*ght,