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Email from Readers for the Week ending Feb. 8, 2003

Kunzite for Bipolar Disorder

How would you use a crystal for healing when you can't wear the crystal throughout the day for 21 days? I am really new with working
with cystals. My boyfriend's mom got me Kunzite because I have bipolar disorder and it has lithium in it. But it is far to fragile to wear 24 hours a day. Any advice that you can give me would be absolutely wonderful.

~ Abbey

Hi Abbey;
I'm wearing a natural Kunzite today too. It is a huge peice, about 3 inches long and 1 inch thick, uncut, which could either be wrapped with gold or silver wire, or  put  into a medicine bag. My peice is not brittle. However, if you use a Medicine bag, it would keep all the peices together in the bag if they fall off. A medicine bag  is a small leather or natural fiber pouch that has a long string loop attached. It is worn around the neck and the crystals should be just at at Heart Chakra.  Wear the bag  underneath your clothing and no one will notice.We have a wonderful shop here in Toronto that specializes in natural  gems from Afganistan such a Lapis and Kunzite. If you are near Toronto, I can tell you where it is.

This Kunzite is very good for your bipolar problems, but also if you can get a Herkimer Diamond to add to your bag, you
will find the effects will increase.

Best Wishes,
 Karen Ryan
  Crystal Energy Therapist

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