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Shrinking Growths With Laser Crystals

Dear Karen,
Holistic healing is all new territory to me, but I find it very exciting discovering new ideas! I have a growth in my lower back/hip area, within my muscle. Up until now I have had one operation to remove it, but a liittle was left, this was about four years ago, since then it has grown a little at a time. Suddenly during last year it grew rapidly. When my Consultant said it had grown and he wanted to immediately cut it out again. I said no! I am trying natural healing and am feeling better, and the lump seems smaller, I hope! but Crystals might be a further help, what do you think?
Jean, United Kingdom.

Hi Jean;
As you know, I do not dispense medical advice and suggest that you seek the best competent medical advice possible for your problem. Metaphysically, I agree with you that crystals can help. . I personally feel that since you are getting results through a body-mind connection with spiritual overtones +(: )< <  you will also benefit from crystal healing. I can suggest a number of different crystals for you but really, it is in the actual crystal healing technique that will be of most benefit to you. I hope this area on your body  is easy for you to reach

First, I'd like to suggest that you get a purple Fluorite crystal - any shape you can. May sure it is a purple-y as you can find. It's o.k if there is other colours like green or white, but  be sure that there is mostly a solid purple part. This will be used to break up the congestion in the area  to  shrink the growth. Rotate the crystal in a clockwise circle about 1-2 inches above the area where the growth is. You will need to do this for several minutes, until you feel a pulling sensation. Then continue for about 3-5 minutes after that. You would need to do this daily for at least 20 minutes  total each day until you get results. If you have a Clear Quartz crystal point, Specifically a LASER CRYSTAL, this crystals will be used to do you own psychic "surgery", aiming it in towards the body while visualizing a white light "laser" beam cutting up the harmful part and restoring health to the area. You may also want to follow-up with Rose Quartz or Amethyst after the "surgery" to help integrate the energy changes. You will need to use this several times a week. Contact me if you need further clarification.

 Crystal Energy Therapist

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