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Crystal Wands for Chakra Attunement

Dear Karen;
Hello Karen. I bought a crystal wand that is 8.5 inches long and has the small crystals imbedded on the top are amethyst, sodalite, adventurine, quartz, citrine, fire opal or carnelian and obsidian.(In that order) I'm not sure what kind of quartz the ends crystals are. They are both terminating and they are clear quartz. The Wand is made out of clay and the crystals at the end are fairly small. Can you suggest how to use it ?

Hey Matt;
First, I do not know if you had any instructions from the clerk when you bought. If possible, go back and ask the person who sold it or get in touch with the person who made it and ask them for details about the wand.

As for the stones, yes - these stones are for each of the seven chakras. You can look up in a book on crystals what each one represents. I wrote a  longer article about "The 7 Master Crystals". As you have a crystal for each chakra, it means you can use this wand for chakra attunement. The crystals at each end help to direct and balance energy. The over all wand amplifys the healing properties of the 7 chakra crystals and  helps in the attunement. .The simplest  method to balance the chakras is by holding the crystal in your hand  slightly above or on the body between each chakra for 3 minutes each. This will align the chakras. To balance the chakras, simply aim the tip of the wand a few centimeters away from the centre of each chakra. You can also visualize the colour of the chakra and  focus the crystal on the wand for the chakra by turning it toward the centre of the chakra.  For the base and Crown Chakras, let the wand just rest at the bottom and top respectively for 3 minutes each.

I'm sure that when you start to use the wand, you will want to move it over the body intuitively. Let your hand and wand "find" the areas where there are energy blockages and simply direct the energy in the wand to the area. You can also focus on unblocking the energy by winding the wand over the chakra in a clockwise spiral. When the movement of your hand starts to slow down, "grab" the auric muck with the tip of the crystal wand head, lifting it away from the body and "toss" the muck out into White Light. (Contact me if you don't understand this part).

Any more and I will be writing a book ! Please feel free to ask me specific questions about the wand. The above will get you started, but as with other crystal work, the learning comes from within you ! I've handed you enough on a platter for today. Have fun !

Keep up the good work and feel free to experiment first on yourself, then on others.

Karen Ryan
 Crystal Energy Therapist

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