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Email from Readers for the Week ending Jan. 11, 2003

Crystals for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Dear Karen;
Can you suggest something for my grandma. She has MS.
~Maria, Arizona, U.S.A

Dear Maria;
As for MS, this disease is interpreted as a loss of nerve endings resulting in weakness and incoordination.  The personality is often like a pit
bull, feeling forced to undertake hard work against their will. There is considerable resentment, rage and dispair with this disease as well as strong moralism  and codependency (which seems to run in the family ??) So, to help with the actual physical result of all this karma, Green Tourmaline will help to repair the nerves. However, unless the emotional "garbage" is cleared there will really be no improvements. The MS "victim" (of themselves) needs Amethyst and lots of it to help change their ways. Amethyst is about supporting transformation. I will tell you it takes will power in excess of the power of the disease to overcome the disease. Only your grandmother can do that. She's had a life of bitterness and the pain lives in her every day. Try to keep her focussed on just being present for each day and the pleasures it brings. Don't think you will be able to change her.


The Follow-up:
 I will make a necklace for my grandma  using those stones...and she is like a pitbull...she one of those "nothing's  wrong-I can do it myself" codependants. Y'know the kind that never has a  "feeling" and tries to carry her own 60 lb. suitcase cuz "it's not THAT  heavy" and she wouldn't dare inconvenience anyone by asking for help. You  are right on the money with that one!

I have been in "recovery" for codependency for 3 years now and I have found a big difference since I started using the crystals myself...I wear Amythest and Tiger's Eye regularly...I have tons of Rose Quartz in my bedroom, too, and some other stones.  I just want to thank you for returning my emails and taking the time to share your knowledge with me!Like I said before...I wish that I were closer to Canada because I would come to see you! but Arizona is far!
 ~ Maria

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