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Email from Readers for the Week ending Dec. 14, 2002

Magic Stones for Ghosts

Dear Karen;
I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for me regarding my nephew (age 7) who lives in another state with my sister (his mom) and she is somewhat neglectful and not very nice to him at times. She even has told him there is a "ghost" that lives in his room that he is very afraid of. I thought about  making a necklace for him and telling him that it is a "magic rock" that will protect him. I thought about using Carnelian. He believes in "magic" and I have told him that I use crystals. Do you think that may help him...if anything by "placebo" effect?
Thank you. Maria

Hi Maria;
You love your nephew very much and I think giving him a special crystal is very appropriate under the circumstances. It is hard to see someone so little suffer. Your sister is probably doing what she can and has a lot to deal with. Your support will be important to her.

As for the right crystal, I think Rose Quartz would be very good as it represents unconditional love (hard for mommy to give at the moment perhaps but she may straighten out later on with much forgiveness to her son). The Carnelian is good for personal issues related to self-esteem. If he's doing poorly with social interaction, I would go for the Carnelian, otherwise, the Rose Quartz is best. A necklace is good but would not be practical for a busy 7 yr-old. If the design is such that he can wear it like a choker, that would help. A medicine pouch is just fine for the lad. Otherwise, tell him to keep it in his pocket. As the stones are cheap ($1-2) why not get about 5 or 6 , including the Carnelian and keep them safe for when he may lose one. He can come to you for a replacement. Perhaps you might call the crystals something from Harry Potter (how did he refer to them ?). You can called them Good Luck Stones, or Secret Stones (he can whisper things to the crystal or ask questions and hold it for an answer)...that sort of thing. He can even name the crystal  like a friend, "Frodo" or something.  If its a "Magic Crystal", let the child tell you what magic he gets out of the crystal. Perhaps tell him it will help him recall his dreams, or will help him feel better when he has a cold or will help him get to sleep at night (all possible of course with any of the crystals).

As a further reference, please see my web site at there are other articles about crystals and children in the Letters from
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~ Karen.

The Follow-up:
A while back I asked for advice on stones for my nephew and I sent him the stones you recommended. You offered some great suggestions as far as naming the stone and talking to it....that's a  great  idea because he is pretty much alone. I spoke with him last night and he was so excited to have his "magic stones". He shared with me that ever since he has put the Tiger's Eye under his pillow he "has slept like a baby" (funny cuz he's only 7) and his recurrent nightmares have stopped. I also sent him a sage wand and an Amber stone that I found ironically shaped like a heart.

Just thought you might like to know. ~ Maria

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