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Email from Readers for the Week ending Nov. 2, 2002

Suggestions for Reiki Healers and Chakra Alignment

Dear Karen,
I found your site and address on the internet, and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about crystal healing.  I am currently trying, with my boyfriend, to balance my chakras, as many events recently have shown me that there is much negative energy in my life.  I am a  Reiki Level I channel, but am even finding Reiki hard to do at the moment.  I am really excited to have  found crystal healing, and am really hoping that I will be able to combine the positive effects of this with positive energy channeling.
I feel in need of a bit of learned guidance!
~ Emma, Austria

Hi Emma;
I am always pleased to help healers out. I have a few suggestions for you:
1. Contact your Reiki Master and describe your lack of  motivation  problem to him/her. They should feel obligated to help you out and to give you on-going support. I assume you didn't get your Reiki in Austria ?
2. As you should be aware, Reiki is taught all over the world and re-attunements are "free" (usually with your previous certificate shown to the Master). I suggest that you are ready for a Level I re-attunement. Also your Reiki master could be helping you further with chakra alignment and balancing for Level I initiates. Perhaps you would consider going to Level II now to learn more and to get more "power" (attunement) to do what you want to do. Stop getting frustrated and make the step up either through Level I again (free) or go onto Level II right away ($$).
3. There is a wonderful crystal called Kyanite (blue) which is used to almost automatically align and balance chakras. Get some. Use it. When you have a Kyanite wand of about 3 or more inches in length, write me and I will tell you how to use it unless you already know.
4.When you come to Toronto at Christmas, please come and visit me. I live in Mississauga and we can arrange a "reiju" with you (free). Reiju is not a specific level attunement, but is a booster for people who have already taken Reiki. It is from the old Japanese healing society that Usui belonged to BEFORE he got the Reiki idea. I can also give you a special re-attunement for Level I in the orginal Hayashi/Takata way which is extraordinary and is far  more sophisticated than the usual Level I attunement given in the West.  If interested in learning more, check out Click on "The Threshold Reiki". I studied Gendai Reiki with Rick Rivard who is a very caring person and has set up the URRI, an international association of Reiki Masters.

As for negativity, soak in a tub of salt water ( 1/2 cup salt, any kind will do) for 20 minutes then get out. Do this every other day for a 6 days (3 times) and that will give you a head start. I also suggest that you practise Reiki and crystal helaing on a woman rather than your boyfriend to balance chakras. Men are often difficult and lack (sorry to need to say this) sensitivity unless they have strongly developed spiritually.

So, Take it easy and write when you can.
Love & Light,
 Karen Ryan

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