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Email from Readers for the Week ending Oct 26, 2002

Crystal on Ring Finger
Dear Karen: I have a small clear quartz crystal ring that I bought in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The crystal is the size of a 1.25 carat diamond.  Do you know if this small  stone would have any energy or healing properties and if yes, what kind? I wear it on my left ring finger. - Jackie

Hi Jackie ! You have indeed purchased an exciting crystal. Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and regulates many systems in the body as well as mental functions. The energy can be directed to where you want it to go and for what purpose as specified by yourself. I suggest that you read some books about crystals to learn more about the specific healing qualities of Clear Quartz, as there are many many qualities to this quartz. In particular, the crystals from Arkansas are among the world's best. They are very clear and store amazing energy. Size does not matter as many crystals are gateways to higher consciousness.  However, it is helpful that you have a meditiative experience with your crystal so you know there is a real energy connection. I suggest that you use this crystal by taping it over your 3rd Eye (middle of your forehead) with surgical tape during a meditation. It may take a few days to clear out your 3rd Eye before you start getting enhanced experiences. As for wearing it on your  left ring finger...well, it's no Diamond ! The crystal is pretty far away from anything other than your finger. However, the finger you are wearing it on, in one system represents the sinuses, brain, scalp and ear and comes close to the lung and heart. So a crystal will help keep the energy clear of these organs. In another system, it relates to the Heart Chi energy, which is no wonder because we also call this the "wedding ring" finger.

So good luck and enjoy your wishful thinking !
Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

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