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Crystals for Breast Cancer

Hi Karen, What healing stone or crystal would you recommend for breast cancer? - Dot

Hi Dot;
If your inquiry is to select a gift for someone with breast cancer, I prefer Rose Quartz because of its association with the emotions, the feminine healing energies and the need to care for oneself. I suggest you find a Rose Quartz necklace of round polished gemstones (approx 1/4 inch beads). The necklace should be at least 30 inches in length to drop down gently over the breast area. If this is for yourself, wear it all the time for healing benefits. As a gift for someone else, let them decided on how often to wear the necklace.. For other types of cancer, I recommend crystals appropriate to the person's psychological character, and the condition and type of cancer. This information is only useful to the person requesting the healing for themselves. The crystals do not in themselves work without the intent to heal.

I hope that this will help.
Take care,
Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

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