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Email from Readers for the Week ending Sept. 14, 2002

Crystals for Fear

Hi Karen, I'm a homeopathy student and I'm completely normal in every respect bar getting weekly fear-filled thoughts that something is wrong with me(feeling faint, dizzy etc) that are completely unrelated to anything at all. I am very well physically and have been tested for everything..MRI's, blood tests etc etc..all normal.After reading Vibrational Medicine by Gerber I am investigating the possibilty that my energy feilds may be "out". Thanks for your time,any further tips would be greatlt appreciated. John

Hi John;
I can appreciate your feeling out of sorts. If you are you working with any homeopathic remedies, these will also affect your fields and your higher emotions. I think this is great that you are studying to be a healer. We need lots of healers on the planet now and your energy will add into the collective consciousness. I think you are in the middle of a major life transition and I agree with you not to make anything of it. There are natural processes that we encounter when we embark in new professions. I think your energy fields may be aligning to your new role in life and that you are learning about energy too, become more sensitive. However, I think you need some grounding and to learn to talk about your emotions with someone.
Also, I recommend that you take the time to go into the fear. Pick a time when you will not be disturbed but also know that if you need help that a friend is close by  even by phone. Turn and face it, John. You can do this. When something gets your attention...respond. Find out what it is all curious to know this part of yourself. It doesn't need to have this much control over you, but you do need to look at "it" which is none other than your own energy. Why be afraid of yourself ? Some part of you is calling for attention just now. When you begin relating to it, it will become less and less, not demanding that attention anymore. These types of intracommunication skills are not taught to children, so we grow up as adults with dismembered parts of ourselves floating around looking for attention one day. Then, we don't know what to do with it ! So, imagine there is a scared child standing next to you. What would you do ? Yes, speak to him, tell him you are there now and ask what is fearful. Then respond by accepting the fear, embracing your Inner Child and address the fear-issue. It could be that this Inner Child is afraid of going to school ! What would you tell that child now ? Think about it .    Aquamarine is helpful or better yet,  Petrified Wood which can be worn anywear on the body or have it just in your pocket. Both these crystals are exceptional for fear.
O.k. ? So don't add worry onto this. These feelings are not permanent and will change.
Take care,
Karen Ryan
Crystal Energy Therapist

Thanks for your thoughts Karen, they are appreciated. I'll keep in touch from time to time, John

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