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Email from Readers for the Week ending July 28, 2002

Crystals for Female Puberty Initiation, Rites of Passage

I found your email on a crystal website. I have been doing web research about crystals and goddess jewelry.  I have two daughters in puberty who are close to menstruating for the first time. I am preparing for this and want to give them a special pendant to mark the  rite of passage into womanhood.  I was thinking of moonstone.  Garnet has the color of blood, but I am not sure it is appropriate.  Do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best stone for menstrual health, emotional balance and the symbolic link to the moon and female power? ~Val

Hi  Val;
I agree with you that Moonstone is an excellent crystal for the girls. I have some other suggestions for "initiators" into the feminine energies. The "red" colour is important as a connector to the planet as you will read:
Moss Agate - resonates to the Earth Mother - The "moss" is actually not moss but a mineral that grows green and looks like moss. However, the green colour and milkiness (the purity of mother's milk) of the agate bring protective energy and connection to the Earth Mother who nurished all. It is a grounding crystal and promotes hormonal balance.
Coral - a symbol use by Tibetan women for the blood of the Earth. Very good symbol for feminine strength  (while turquoise is used for the sky, mascuiline). Coral keeps the blood pure and is even crushed up and used in Tibetan medicines. I've had some!
Jasper - Red is used to connect to the root chakra. Used by Native American women for feminine spirituality as well as red coral.
Garnet is fine if they get menstral cramps. It keep energy open and flowing. Get some large ones and put them under their feet or in their pockets or on their belly when there is cramping. It would be best not wear garnet all the time because it attract men like flies....

If you could find a pendant in the shape of the Goddess, that would be perfect ! You might like to do a small ceremony of initiation with an offering with candles, incense, flowers, water/milk, drip some menstral blood (or symbolic blood, use your imagination...beet juice!) into the Earth as a blessing ...Hey this is important stuff ! And ask them what it means to them to enter the ways of a Woman.

~ Love  too you and your young women,
Karen Ryan
Crystal Energy Therapist

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