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Mystery Stones - Hematitie Rings

I was curious if there was any significant implications or meanings when a stone that you are wearing breaks. I have a couple of friends, one of which gave the other a hematite ring. Yesterday, in the morning, one ring broke and later that same day the other person's ring broke as well. They were wondering what meaning that has and if there are any implications from this occurrence. Thanks for your insight.

Hi Bjorg;
Yes, there is significance to rings breaking on deep psychological levels as well as rather mundane practical ones. Hematite is a "soft" stone which can fracture easily after wearing and bumping it. Small cracks from any sudden pressure will cause it to burst, even minutes or hours after the trauma has occurred. The coincidence of 2 rings breaking within such a short time is curious, isn't it. Perhaps the wearers have been under some stress or tension and as the rings aborbs negativity, perhaps they have released the pent-up energy.

On a deeper level, when a ring breaks, it is symbolic of a broken marriage, of failed unity, or of the whole disintegrating so that a new form can be developed from the pieces.  As these two people were friends exchanging tokens of unity, it suggests a failure to bond effectively and that there may be possibility of a break-up in their relationship.
I suggest that you not look too far into this, but merely go and get another one ring. I used to sell a lot of them in  my shop because their owners kept breaking them too !. By the way, hematitie has a high amount of magnetic energy and will help to alleviate pain if taped over sore muscles. Try one near a compass or a magnet and you will see !
~ Love  & Light,
Karen Ryan
Crystal Energy Therapist

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