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Email from Readers for the Week ending June 24, 2002

This Week:  Healing Bracelets

Hi Karen,
I have been wearing and still am wearing 2 crystal braclets. 1 is a red-orange carnelian and one is a blue lace. They were recommended to me in Malaysia by a lady who dealt with crystals. I never really liked wearing colorful jewlery but I do like wearing them. They were recommended because I have Hypothyroidism and because she said my throat chakra is blocked. I would like to also guy buy some small earings for everyday wear in Hematite. It is a very available stone here and very affordable. I sometimes feel alot of negativity and drained by it by the end of the work day. I am a receptionist and therefore answer all call and clients that come into the office and take public transit. I would really like to get a response from you after viewing your website. Do you think it is too much of crystral wearing.
Thanks, Manjit (India)

Hi Manjit;
Thank-you for your interest in contacting me. First, let me support you in all your crystal decisions. The Blue Lace Agate is gentle and will help your throat and will also keep you calm during your day-time duties as well as keeping you connected to your Higher Self (despite the work stress). Keep going with it. I would prefer to see you wear it closer to your throat however, to take full advantage of Blue Lace Agate's healing properties which also benefit your 3rd Eye and Heart chakras. If you want to try another similar crystal, get some real Turquoise and wear it at your throat, if you get more physical symptoms of the blockage (such as sore throat, weak voice, not speaking your true feelings).
The Hematitie earring are great. They will help filter any negativity through the phone. A friend also keeps an elasticized bracelet of Amethyst around the phone peice. You can tell people you bought it as a phone decoration. It will also filter and transmute negativity (electro-magnetic as well as people energies). Get some extra peices of Hemetitie and put them around the chair (under the chair too) to pull off any physical stress from sitting all day. I'll bet you will feel more refreshed at the end of the day if you try this out for 5 days.

As for the Carnelian...I think you should continue to wear this as a braclet. Be prepared as the bracelet may suddenly burst. This will mean you are finished with wearing it.  Carnelian supports self-esteem and the lower chakras. If you feel a continuing need for it, get another bracelet or try a necklace of Carnelian to work on your Heart centre and to integrate your lower chakras with your higher centres. I recommend a "chip necklace", made of tiny peices of the stone all threaded together, usually with a silk string for strength. They are generally inexpensive and are usually available everywhere.
So, I hope this will help you. Please contact me if you feel you need more information.
Love  & Light, Karen

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