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Turquoise For Overseas

Hi Karen;
I am looking for a gift to my husband who is in the military and who will soon be leaving overseas.  I want to find a crystal/stone that offers
protection from harm, reduces negativity, and promotes health.  I have done a lot of research, however, have run into some conflicting information in regards to which crystals offer what.  Can you please provide me with name (s) of some pieces that offer what I am seeking.  Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Jodi;
I think Turquoise would be an excellent crystal for your husband. This is a crystal that is usually very masculine looking and if often set into jewelry from the South West U.S. I'm not sure what country you are from however.There are many web sites where you can find this type of jewelery. Turquoise is well know to protect Native American Indians during WWII, where
there are many stories of bullets bouncing off the jewlery worn into battle. Odd, but true. You may even want to get it blessed by an Indian Elder.Turquoise is also a systemic tonic and purifier. It will keep your hubbie's system clean (thus promoting good health). And lastly, it will help to dispell negativity from others near him, keeping him safe from emotional harm. I cannot recommend a better crystal for him, and one that is so easy to get.
Best Wishes,
 Karen Ryan
 Crsyatl Energy Therapist

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