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Email from Readers for the Week ending May 30, 2002

Crystal Pet Collars

Hi, I just wanted to know if you make cat collars for cats with crystals....  My Siamese has intestinal problems...  His skin is healthy and his coat is healthy. He has loose stools, he has a delicate constitution.Would you consider making animal collars with crystals? I already wear gemstones....
Thanks, K.L.

HI K.L.:
I recently made contact with a lady who makes these collars. Please contact Joy at I hope this will work out for both of you.I'd like to suggest a darker stone to help with the intestines - some black onyx to ground the sickness, and especially Jasper, prefeably green or yellow Jasper to speed healing specific to the intestines. If this is not available Amethyst or Turquoise would also be good for general systemic troubles.
Good Luck !
Karen Ryan
 Crystal Energy Therapist

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