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Email from Readers for the Week ending May 27, 2002

 Healers From Romania & Recommended Books on Crystals

Dear Karen Ryan;
We  are two healers of  Romania  which  are  very  interested  by  crystal- healing. Maya  is  an Acupuncturist and  Reiki  healer. Mikai  is  a  psychiatrist, homeopathician and  psychotherapist. We  met  the  crystal-healing  in  an  empirical basis.
We  would  need  some  organized  training  but  the problem is  the  money. If  you  could  help  us, please answer!
Your  sincerely,
Maya & Mikai

Hi Maya and Mikai;
Thank-you for contacting me. I have recently suggested some books to a person in Macedonia that you can get through  They ship everywhere ! Here is a list of very excellent high level books I think you will appreciate:
Melody's book "Love is in the Earth" is about 700 pages and contains all the esoteric knowledge of all crystals. She is very well informed. These two books will teach you technique for healing and is highly reliable:
> The Newcastle Guide to Helaling with Crystals
> The Newcastle Guide to Helaling with Gemstones
Also check : Crystal Healing: The Next Step, by Phyllis Galde, Frank Dorland  (Photographer)

 I think you will do well to buy the second book "The Newcastle Guide to Healing with Gemstones" as it will actually teach and show you how to work with crystals.It has the important information from their first book in it and contains channelled information from the devas (spirit) of several popular crystals. It also has the music tone or note associated with the crystal as well as the chakra to use as well as affirmations. It also has crystal layouts and shows you which stone to use where. I find this book exceptionally reliable and quite complete. I strongly recommend it for learning from and for teaching purposes. When you have the opportunity (maybe a few of you could pool your money together), get Melody's book, "Love is in the Earth". It is a reference book containing all the spiritual knowledge about each crystal, but does not include how to use them. That's why I suggested  the Newcastle book.

For more advanced esoteric work, get Katrina Raphael 's three books, one is The Crystalline Connection. You can look up the other two. She lives in Hawaii and teaches there. You can see here web site at: look for Uma Sibleys' books and tapes.

These books will give you ALL the tools you will need to really move ahead quickly. If you have a web site let me know and I will add a link in for you. I get inquiries just like yours from all over the world. Also check my web site http://www.crystaltiger every week for my column about healing with crystals.
Good Luck !
Love & Light,
Karen Ryan

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