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This Week: Crystals and Books for Beginners

Hi Karen,
I read the article in Astrologyzine you posted on 10 healing stones for women. I found it thoroughly interesting & am looking forward to reading the one on men & children. My question is, I've always felt a connection to crystals & am finally exploring that further. I was wondering if you could offer any advice or helpful hints. Also, what books would you recommend in learning more of crystals & their healing powers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi Vanessa;
Thank-you for your interest in contacting me, and for your interesting question about getting started with crystals. The best way to learn about crystals is to buy the ones that "talk" to you. There is usually an energy charge in each crystal which seems to release energy when the right person touches it. This energy exchange between you and the crystal is a transfer of the crystal's information - sometimes about how the crystal was formed, what's it mission is, and perhaps giving you a specific healing that the crystal can give you. Each crystal has a specially coded "message" or healing depending on the function of the crystal. So, try them all out !

When I first started with crystals, I used a lot of Rose Quartz to open my Heart centre for Love. I also used Amethyst to help remove and transmute negative energies that clouded my mind from receiving more information and energy from the crystals. When I say "used", what I mean here is that I had large peices of crystals (2-4" in size) at my Heart centre for about 15-20 minutes each day in quiet meditation, sometimes with music to help calm my mind of the day's busy-ness. I wore smaller 1" peices of Rose Quartz and Amethyst together on a chain. It is easy and inexpensive to get tumbled stones from a gem and rock shop. To make your own jewlery, buy some small bell caps (jewelry findings - try a craft shop) and some 5-minute epoxy glue. Let the stone and metal bond over night and with a little care, they should last up to 2 years with 24 hour wearing.

As for reading about crystals, there are many good books on the market. For a standard reference, get a copy of Melody's "Love is in the Earth". It contains over 700 pages of references to the esoteric healing properties of crystals. Remember, however, that many of the crystals  are only mineral specimens and may be difficult to get. I have tried at major gem  & minerals shows to get some that were mentioned with the dealers and gemmologist telling me that some are rare, or misclassified and impossible to get. You may get a little frustrated trying to find something that was a 1-time only find in a remote mine. The more common crystals are just as fun, are wonderful healers, and are generally inexpensive. The other book I recommend is "The Newcastle Guide to Healing with Crystals" and "The Newcastle Guide to Healing with Gemstones". Start with these. Be cautious of what you read. There is a lot of different kinds of information out there. I've seen geologically in accurate statements in print. However, I also suggest you try out what you read because your direct experience will be your best teacher with the crystals. Try to get yourself to a class on crystal healing. I hold 1-day and weekend workshops  in the Toronto, Canada area. I also teach  4 levels of crystal healing,  over several weekends for those who wish to go in-depth into healing with crystals.
If there is anything further, please contact me.
Love  & Light, Karen

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