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Email from Readers for the Week ending March 23th, 2002

This Week: Crystals and Reiki Energy

Hi Karen;  I have just started doing Reiki. Will crystals work with the Reiki?.
~ Alyson, from Wales, United Kingdom

Hi Alyson; Ask your Reiki Master for more information about using crystals during a Reiki session as he/she might be able to direct your use of them during treatment according to whatever they have been taught and wish to teach you.

When I use crystals with Reiki, I keep it simple. I use the crystals only after the Reiki session is complete. Otherwise, they may fall off the person when they are layed on the chakras and when you are moving your hands around. You can also put crystals on and under the Reiki table. You can charge up a crystal by putting a symbol in it and holding it in your hands for a few minutes before putting it on the client. Generally, I would end a Reiki session with a nice large clear quartz crystal at the Heart Chakra while the person intgrates the Reiki session for the few minutes following the end of the session. Perhaps you have some other ideas ?

When I do a Crystal Healing with complete layouts of different crystals on different chakras, Reiki flows anyways through my hands and is naturally amplified by the crystal. I try to keep my clients informed that a Reiki treatment is separate from a crystal healing as this is part of the code of ethics in the Canadian Reiki Association under which I will be certified soon.

Will crystals work with the Reiki? Yes.
Crystals carry a universal life force energy, the same as the Reiki energy that comes through the hands of a practitioner. Crystals and Reiki energy compliment each other.They do not interfere with each other. They become part of a harmonious holistic healing energy during the treatment. However, I personally feel that depending on the crystal, a specific range of vibrations are directed to the person using the crystals while Reiki has all White Light and does not filter a specific vibration.  The recipient and their connection with All of Oneness directs the flow of that energy regardless of source. However, I consciously and unconsciously direct that crystal energy when I do a crystal healing with a person. I do not consciously direct Reiki energy. Reiki is a different modality altogether and it has its own healing path for a person so I do not interfere with it.

I hope that answers your question. Please write again if you feel you'd like to dialog on this a bit more.

Love & Light, Karen

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