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Email from Readers for the Week ending March 16th, 2002

This Week: Pregnancy.... Read On !

Hi Karen; I have been through your website of cystals for women and men too.I found it interesting and want to know a  little more about them. Since they are good for healing  is it good for me to wear them because I am  pregnant. Please enlighten me on this aspect.
~ Ditta

Hi Ditta; Thank-you for contacting me about your interest in crystals. Congratulations on your pregnancy too ! As you are pregnant, you may consider the needs of your baby separately from yourself. I would be interested if you would write back and tell me about how things are going for your pregnancy -physically and emotionally, and how your relationship is with your partner during this time ? Do you have any particular aspirations for your child ?Wearing crystals may help provide harmony and balance for your baby, in the same way that listening to music soothes infants. Are you sensing what your baby is telling you about himself or herself ? I would be happy to suggest a crystal for you and for your baby. Rose Quartz is very soothing for both mother and baby by the way, providing a glow of motherly love all around you when you wear it at your heart chakra.Use a peice of amethyst over your belly to help the baby move around in the womb if it he/she is pressing on one of your organs uncomfortably. The baby will move to where the crystal is. ! ~ Karen

Dear Karen; I have been reading through your information on crystals.  How would you recommend using crystals during pregnancy?
I have just bought a piece of red Jasper which I was told I could wear on a silk ribbon around my neck , so that it is places on the abdomen...then I read in a crystal book that crystals should not be worn under clothing ... I am confused when , how long and how to use or wear the crystal. I would very much appreciate if you could take a few minutes to answer  my questions. ~ Elinor

Hi Elinor;
Congratulations on your expectancy. I agree with you that there is so much mis-information about crystals. However, everyone is writing books
describing their own experiences. You have to have your own experience too. Read the books, try them out and select one that works for you. I have my own ways too and I can tell you why and how they work, but I do not discount how others work with crystals. So, for instance, can the person who told you to wear a silk ribbon tell you why ?? Why silk ? Do you know why ? Think about it. Silk is a natural fibre, like leather, wool or cotton. It is already in harmony with nature and has the ability to hold energy, very much like a crystal. Thus, it is said to be compatible with the energy of a crystal and would not interfere with the crystal's energy. If you are sensitive to crystal energy, then you will feel the silk supporting the energy flow of the crystal. If you used, say a rubber string, it might dampen the energy field of the crystal. However, most people are not this sensitive and it would be better to focus on getting a good crystal worn at the right place on your body than the proper chain or pouch to carry it in. If you want to maximize the benefits, complement your crystal with gold or silver clasp and chain, not silk.

That being said, so that you can understand the power of discrimination, and help cure your confusion :), I would suggest other crystals for your pregnancy. Red Jasper is fine for some conditions - it is exceptionally grounding and centering for the baby in the womb. As for wearing the crystals under clothing, I suggest that crystals are best worn when in contact with the skin. However, Some clothing can also restrict the energy of a crystal and its ability for free energy flow.  Wearing the crystal is up to you - if you do not sense any effects, continue to wear the crystals for up to 6 weeks. Sometimes, the effects are very subtle and others will notice before you do. Wearing Jasper for your baby, you should probably feel centered, like your feet were firmly on the c=ground. Now, if you want to feel something different, you'd might like to wear a different type of depends on your objectives ! So, please write back and let me know if you noticed any effects from wearing the Jasper.  ~ Love & Light, Karen

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