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Email from Readers for the Week ending March 9th, 2002

This Week: Building A Teen's Crystal Collection by Chakra.... Read On !

I receive letters from all over the world and from people in all types of life situations. Recently Elaine, a 13- year old wrote about her crystal collection requesting that I suggest which crystals she should add to her collection. I wrote back asking that she create a list of crystals in order by chakra, using the colours to guide her through the process. Some crystals, of course can be used in many different chakras. Once in a table format in a MS WORD document, it is easy to see how many crystals you have for which chakra. This teen can maintain the table for easy reference as she adds to her collection. I also suggested she get the book written by a wonderful crystal woman named Melody called "Love is in the Earth" that will teach her about the crystals and their healing characteriistics. There is also Melody's Pictorial Guide which makes it easier to identify the crystals. (see for book purchases).

I sent Elaine the table (see below) and  highlighted in red ink which crystals she could add to her collection. I pointed out how many crystals she had for the 3rd chakra.Where most of the crystals are, in the that chakra is where your current orientation is and where you seek the most healing. This is great to see because as a teenager, she will learn more about herself and these crystals will provide for emotional support during the developmental years. As there are no crystals for the 2nd chakra, either Elaine doesn't need any due to her needs being met, or she is in tremendous need of improving her self-esteem ! She should also be aware that other parts (all parts !) of  herself require development. So stay in tune with the crystals, expand your collection and have fun !

Elaine's Crystal Collection by Chakra (suggested crystals for purchase are highlighted in red)
1 - Root - Red 2 - Spleen - Orange 3 - Solar Plexus - Yellow 4 - Heart - Pink/Green 5 - Throat - Turquoise 6 - 3rd Eye - Silvery Dark Blue 7 - Crown - Purple or White
Apache Tears Snowflake
Petrified wood
Black Onyx


Orange Calcite


Blood stone  Goldstone Adventurine 
Moon stone
New jade


Rose quartz Rhodonite


Sodalite Chrysocolla
White coral


Blue Lace Agate
Lapis Lazuli


Purple Fluroite
White Calcite



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