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Email from Readers for the Week ending March 2th, 2002

This week: About Wearing Crystals and Crystal Pyramids .... Read on !

 Hi Karen.  My name is Sandra, and I'm writing from Australia :-) I just finished reading your website on Crystal Healing, and I was wondering if you would answer a few questions for me please, I am getting conflicting information from web sites, books, etc. Firstly, is it true that crystals encased in metal or  suspended by metal, as per a pendant, are subsequently limited in their power, or indeed have it negated? Also, I read recently that it is best to only wear crystals for a few minutes at a time... this obviously conflicts with your ideas, can you shed any light on this? Secondly, I have a rose quartz crystal cut into the shape of a pyramid, what do you suggest would be the best application for this in terms of healing? Thank you so much for your time Karen :-)

Hi Sandy;
Thank-you for your questions. Sandra. You are going to read a lot of different things about crystals. There is no "one" way to use crystals. Each person should try out different options out and see what works best for themselves and for others. In my extensive experience over the past 15 years, I can suggest and recommend that people such as yourself try out what you read,. Look within yourself for your intuition to guide you. Crystals are very special as they help to open up your subconscious where there is a vast amount of knowledge. With access to this knowledge, you will be guided for what is right for you. As you may be asking other crystal healers for their input, I will provide you with some details as to "why" things work the way they do. Then you can see what works best for yourself.

To answer your 3 questions then:
1. Is it true that crystals encased in metal or suspended by metal, as per a pendant, are subsequently limited in their power, or indeed have it negated?

There are many crystals that are actually enhanced because they are held with a metal such as gold or silver, that helps to either amplify or broadcast the energies of the crystal, that provides a synergy (to integrate and to provide energies which are more than the sum of each part), or will help to augment the powers of the crystal wrapped by the metal. As an example, using the metal Gold with Lapis Lazuli will provide a symbiosis between the powers of the Gold and the powers of the Lapis Lazuli. The effect is a protective auric field for those who need to develop spiritual powers and channelling at a very high level, specifically to channel with protection for their physcial, emotional and spiritual being. For people with limited sensitivity, this won't mean very much and wearing Gold and Lapis may only have the effect of sharper thinking and feeling grounded.

In another example, I wrapped Silver around a large peice of Iolite, a very pretty purple-blue crystal. The reason was to help the crystal to hold its energy in a more concentrated form and to circulate the energy around my Heart Chakra, rather than to broadcast it out. I need to focus the energy in towards me and to provide focus for this type of crystal. What did it do for me ? I felt an opening of the Heart Chakra to a level of higher acceptance and compassion for others. It accomplished this quickly, within a few days, and then I removed the crystal as I'd completed what I was seeking to do.

Sometimes I've had to remove Gold from a crystal, such as with a Ruby pendant or Amethyst ring because the metal was too electrical and as Gold is a conductor of energy, it would cause burning on my skin.  Many other times, I have had to remove Silver or Gold from crystals because the metal was causing a constriction of the energies of the crystal. The energies of the crystal were such that putting them into a pendant or wrapping them in metal does not allow for the circulation of energies around the crystal. In other words, the positive and negative electrical charges get messed up and the crystal does not respond well. Not all crystals are like this however. Each crystal has its own energy and mission.

Now, most people would not be as sensitive as myself, but then most people are not Crystal Energy Therapists. As you develop your sensitivity, you will become more aware of the extrordinary powers of crystals, of the characteristics of metals,  and of all alchemy ! You can develop this sensitivity by trying out and experimenting with the crystals. Enjoy the journey as there is much to be discovered!

2. I read recently that it is best to only wear crystals for a few minutes at a time... this obviously conflicts with your ideas, can you shed any light on this?

You can appreciate that in the limitations of the web pages, I am not going to reveal all my specialized knowledge to the uninitiated. I have suggested that people wear crystals for several days even weeks and months at a time because it takes time to modify the energies of a "meat and potatoes" person.

For sensitive people however, you may need to try a crystal on for short periods of time while your energy fields adapt to a new energy structure. Sensitive people wearing crystals often complain about getting headaches, feeling dizzy, feeling out of body, buzzing in their ears, tingling in their hands...all hallmarks of feeling the crystal energies and the bringing on of a healing crisis as a "meat and potatoes" person begins opens up and sheds their energy restrictions. For such sensitive people it would be prudent to use the crystals only one at a time and maybe even only a few minutes at a time. The person should do some grounding exercises as well to help them stay in their center while the crystals run their healing course. As the person adapts to the new energy  structure, they should be able to keep the crystal with them for longer and longer periods of time without the side effects of "energy detoxification".

As an example, when I first started with Lapis Lazuli, I could not wear my dark blue Lapis stone earrings for more than 15 minutes at a time without a severe headache. I gradually introduced the Lapis Lazuli energy a bit each day and stopped just before the headaches would start. I was able to cleanse myself this way over the next several months. I was determined to have the clear mental energy of the Lapis as part of my personality in this life time. It was a healing process. In fact, I have worn Lapis Lazuli continually for so many years, the dark blue colour has become saturated and is now a part of my aura as confirmed by many different psychics as well as aura photos.

 3.  I have a rose quartz crystal cut into the shape of a pyramid, what do you suggest would be the best application for this in terms of healing?

As you do not mention the size of the pyramid crystal, I can suggest that if you were to use this Rose Quartz pyramid at your Heart Chakra regardless of size, you will find a very loving healing take place. Putting the flat side (the yin or feminine side) on top of your Heart Chakra will help to transmute negative energies in your Heart center, pulling them up into the structure and converting them into positive energies. If you'd like to try a more active energy, hold the crystal pyramid with the tip pointing into your Heart Chakra to get more "juice", (male, yang energy). Hold the crystal over the Chakra and slowly start raising it above the Heart, moving it up to 4-6 inches above the area. Try swirling the pyramid in slow circles, first clockwise then counter clock-wise. You will probably feel more comfortable moving the crystal in one direction over the other, in direction of your chakra's spinning. Try going faster and faster in a tight circle and feel what speeding up the spin of a chakra feels like. Experiment !

I also mention more extensively on how to use crystal pyramids in my book "HOW TO USE YOUR PYRAMID". You can order the book through me at

I hope this helps you.
Love & Lots of Light,
 Karen Ryan

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