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Email from Readers for the Week ending February 23th, 2002

This week: Crystals for Aggressive Behavior in Children.... Read on !

I have two boys (4&6 years). I am a single parent and having two hypo kids is driving me nuts. The 6yr old is very aggressive and vicious towards his brother and the 4yr old stirs him all the time causing savage fights. My eldest is seeing a Child Psycologist as his father who doesn't live with us now was verbally abusive. I am into Feng Shui but it isn't helping enough. Both my boys are very intelligent and are way ahead of children their own age. They just don't relax.The eldest gets very tired & flies off the handle for very minor things. Can you please give me some advice? - Mandy

Hi Mandy;
Wow, it sounds like you have your hands full. I do not know what city you are from, but here in Canada we have a program called "Real Life Stories" in which a child psychologist is shown working directly in the home with the kids and the parents to put a different perspective on behavior similar to what you have described. He uses a lot of "time outs" and "parents" the parents in an amazing way that is highly effective to coach the parents into new behavior. The results are short of miraculous.

In the meantime, if you have Rose Quartz in the house or can get some, you can use the crystal with your children in a safe, loving and creative way. It may take time to get their attention onto the stone, but Rose Quartz calms and soothes pain from the past. It is placed on the Heart Centre or Heart Chakra. The boy that needs it most is the 4yr old. He is hurting and aggressive in his anger since his father has aboandonned him. He is expressing his pain as a 4 yr old. He needs to ground his anger, so you can find a real nice large dark heavy stone (like granite or black marble) and put it on his belly or back as part of the "time-out". It will weigh him down gently and work on his emotional centres to ground his energy BACK into himself instead of being projected all around him.

As for your abusive 6 yr old, I sense his anger is necessaily vocal, and not physical due to the stage of development for any 6 yr. old (communication skills are developing). He needs the colour BLUE or Turquoise in his clothing to help calm his emotions. He is too enraged (enflamed, red) at the Throat chakra and the wearing of the stone Turquoise would help him emmensely - to soothe his energies which have jumped from the emotional centre to the throat, bypassing the Heart Centre completely. The energy is not evenly distributed. You must talk gently or even whisper to his soul, to his inner personality which is positive and good. He will balance himself out if that tender part knows it is needed.

I'm sure you have been getting advice from competent medical people and please understand that I am not dispensing medical advice. I'd like to suggest that you might need something to help you through this too and think a Smokey Quartz as a pendant on you would help to deflect some of the residual negativity from your ex- as well as the children's who are emulating his emotions. Also, take salt baths, maybe 2x a month to purge yourself of the emotional toxins in your home. Use some incense to also purify the air. Frankincense disperses heavy negativity. Try to get out in public more to make the children more accountable for themselves.

Good Luck. Write again if needed.
 Karen Ryan
Crystal Energy Therapist

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