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Email from Readers for the Week ending February 16th, 2002

This week: A Jade Buddha Sculpture.... Read on !

I accepted, very positively a semi large Buddha sculpture made entirely of pure Jade as a gift.  What kind of healing or spiritual effect do you think this may bring into our home.  - Dianne

Dianne, your Buddha statue sounds like a lovely gift for you and your home. Jade gives the owner a sense of peace and protection. When people come to your home, there will be more respect for you from them. Partly, this is because of the prosperity that Jade statues bring into the home. In the Far East, Jade is a symbol of wealth and of health. See if you can notice changes in the colour of the the Jade when the Buddha is near people who are ill, or if it changes coulour when you are happy and well. I'd like to suggest that you have a Buddhist priest bless it and when you have negativity in the home for whatever reason, put a silk cloth over it to protect the energy of the Buddha. Jade can absorb negative energies, so the cloth would also help protect aborbtion by the Jade itself. I hope this will help you deepen a past life connection with the Buddha and his teachings.

Love & Lots of Light,
 Karen Ryan

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