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Email from Readers for the Week ending February 2, 2002

This week: Wearing and Recharging Crystals and Improving Relationships.  Read on !

Cleansing And Wearing Crystals
If I wear a crystal for 24 hrs a day for the 21 days for the cleansing process, can I remove the crystal while showering/bathing plus when I am exercising - Carolina  (see Karen's article on the healing process: Three Steps to Crystal Healing- Cleanse, Integrate & Stabilize

Hi Carolina. Yes, you can remove your crystal for up to 1 hour, or longer if you feel o.k without it, but not longer than 7 hours during the 21 day cleansing process. If you leave it off for several days, you may need to start all over. It's up to you and how you feel. Use your intuition. When you wear a crystal for therapeutic reasons, you are building up energy over time, like exercising a muscle every day. There is a definite re-shaping of the old energy structure when you work with crystals. Your aura will eventually begin to hold the shape of the new energy structure and if you leave the process too soon by removing the crystal, you will not get the full structure stabilized. If you feel desperate and need to put your crystals back on after only a few minutes, you are not even close to stabilizing the energy changes and so you should continue to wear them even while bathing if you can. If you are able to go for a few days without your crystals, but then notice you are slipping back into your old ways, consider wearing your crystals for another week or more. As you develop deeper sensitivity for crystal energy, you may decide to keep the crystals on much much longer, or only wear then as you need to maintain the new energy level.

Re-Charging Crystals/Cleansing Crystals
Do I need to remove my crystal jewelry and place the crystals in sunlight for energy ? - Carolina.
Yes, remove the crystals to re-charge them in the sunlight. Crystals recharge like batteries but they use ultraviolet light to restore depleted energies. Wearing crystals degrades their energies and recharging them in the sunlight restores the energies. However, if you are using your crystals and jewelry a lot, then you can cleanse them in salt water overnight to remove any negative energies picked up by the crystals. When negative energies are removed from its structure, the crystal becomes more efficient, much like us after we've had an 8 hour sleep. Click here to get the full details on cleaning and re-charging crystals in my article: How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Your Crystals

Improving Relationships
I just bought an amethyst crystal as I was told that it might help in my love relationship. How does this work?
- Katherine
Hi Katherine. I suggest you use your Amethyst at your Heart Centre (Heart Chakra). This crystal will help to transmute any negative energies that are preventing you from attracting a loving, accepting, compassionate relationship with a significant other. If you have a Rose Quartz, wear both the Rose Quartz and the Amethyst in the same pouch or together as pendants, and you will truly find a partner more challenging and stable for you over the long run. I sense your relationships have not exactly run a true course and your partners (if any) have not been around for very long. In other words, your relationships are short-lived. I suggest there is some work that you could do on yourself to bring out more of your inner qualities (which are more genuine than who you pretend to be now). You do not need to be afraid to become who you really are. I wish you all the best !

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