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Email from Readers for the Week ending January 26th, 2002

This week: Stress and Self Esteem .  Read on !

Stress - Hair Fall out
ACCCKKK ! My hair is falling out !. What crystal will help me ? I work in systems at a Help Desk. I'm also under a lot of stress due to an abusive family, especially from my mother. As for my marriage - I'm married to the boss and can't seem to get those promotional opportunities for advancement ! My stomach is bloated and I looked after 3 kids, none of which my mother wanted me to have (full details editted due to length).   - Linda

Hi Linda;
Thanks for taking the time to contact me. I also think you are in one of the most stressful jobs in systems. I know because I also work in that field. I think "hair" is an interesting indicator of your stress (try some Selenenite or Clear Quartz crystal to open up your Crown chakra and let the energy flow around your scalp). I can also understand your family upbringing and how the "hair" fits in. You are literally "pulling out your hair". This is partly fear of not having control over your own life (use Aquamarine) as well as a refusal to see that you are capable of controlling your own life (try Carnelian for self-esteem). There is tremendous resentment here too, about your mother (Moonstone would help in your case), but I strongly feel that you will need to first become more detached from all that garbage of the past and cut over to deciding what you want for yourself. This is not an easy task. In fact, it is often very painful therapy to reclaim what you lost and to rebuild a new character for yourself.

Some marriages and jobs do not hold together very well when one partner undertakes RADICAL change. The is actually a book called "RADICAL HONESTY by Brad Blanton which may be of some help to you. I'd also suggest that you get some books to help you with mother/daughter issues (like "Dance of Anger" by Harriet Lerner) and if you have a chance to work with a therapist about your family issues, I'm sure you will find it invaluable.

Speaking of which... YOU ARE INVALUABLE!! Perhaps is is time for a change of companies ?? You may be burnt out and missing opportunity for advancement (and salary increases) if it is time for you to move on. Looking after your 3 children and a job ?? Wow ! Separating out what is you and what you want from what is your mother and what she wants is clearly important. You are obviously not your mother and need to find your own inner strength and your own character. I suggest a long-term course of Carnelian, the orange stone which supports the second chakra to help you find your self. In fact, most of your issues, including the stomach (bloating = pregnancy ?) are strongly suggesting Carnelian. I think you will notice a different almost immediately if you can get a necklace of it and just wear the Carnelian all the time. I wore my Carnelian necklace for a full 2 years (daily and at night) to work through my own issues. If you can get a large piece, of about 3x4 inches on a chain, wear it at your heart chakra for a miniumum of 4 months. You will see a difference and so will others!

Well, my fingers are tired and I hope this will help you. If you need to write again, I am in Saturday night  (unless I go to the movies!). Thanks for telling me more about yourself. The Carnelian is really the one crystal that will help you most at this time.
Lots of Love (really !) and Light. - Karen

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