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Email from Readers for the Week ending January 19th, 2002

Crystals for Dogs and Crystals for Cats.... Read On !!

Doggy Stone
I have found your articles helpful with the knowledge and since I copied the articles I have made a quick
reference book which I keep handy. One question which you may be able to assist me on. I have 3 large dogs. My female is 3 years old doberman. She is so hyper. I realize this is part of her nature to be active, but I have had other dobies and in comparison, she is very high strung. Do you have any suggestions to help her quiet down? - April

As for your hyper Doberman, I have just what she needs, April. Even as I write this I am getting a flash of the crystal in my 3rd Eye and in my Centre of Knowingness.....SODALITE !!! It is a Stone of Peace. It calms buzzy brains and give focus during distractions. I think your dog may be attention deficit. Perhaps you can try some things out on her that you would do with children with attention deficiency. I know someone who took a small change purse and clipped it onto the dog's collar so that it could hold the crystal under the neck. I suggest you get a small sodalite crystal (about 1/2 inch) at first. Dogs can be very sensitive and you do not want to over do it. Introduce it slowly, maybe for 1 hour at a time (2X a day) until you notice your dog calming down. Then let her wear it more often as she stabilizes the energy. Rose  Quartz can also be tucked inside her bed to help her rest during the day and at night. - Karen.  If you would like to read more about Crystals for Pets, click here !

Dear Karen; I am beside myself, trying to get my 13 yr. cat Garf back on his feet, and to his loving self. As of July 22nd, he has been hanging in there, to weak to stand for long. He has had blood work, (which came back GOOD for a cat his age), xray, EKG, ultra sound, heart is in good shape also. He is holding on for dear life for me. I want to help him get strong. I know I'm babbling on, but I can't stand the thought of losing him....I know nothing about crystals, other then they are beautiful!!!! I have stores that sell them here (in Utah, but I don't know how to use them, or which ones to buy.....can you please help me... - Martin

How amazing that you would want to reach out via the Net at this time of your despair. I have a few things to tell you at this time. Please understand that I am not dispensing medical or veterinary advice and that I advise you to seek competent medical attention for your cat. Should you use any of the following information, you are strictly on your own !!!! One of the first signs of death is a withdrawal of food and water. This is all sort of like going to sleep. We do not usually become thirsty or hungry before we are going to rest. We also lose our sense of hearing and sight, eventually losing our consciousness to the darkness of sleep. Your kitty may be in his final days after all. Give Garf some water through an eye-dropper, to keep his mouth moist. Let him take what he needs. Here are some crystals you can use too:

Amethyst clusters - 4" wide at least. Let him approach the crystals. He will move away from it when he's had enough. It may be too intense and you must be gentle, understanding that he could go into a healing crisis which may be too much for him to process at this time. So, use caution. Amethyst is a Master Healer and can be held for 3-4 minutes a few inches over areas of affliction.

Rose Quartz - soothing, gentle loving energy that will help harmonize imbalances on the emotional level. Also good for healing scar tissues. I doubt this would be too intense - Get a peice about 2-3" wide and leave it in his bed.

Clear Quartz crystals - I have used about 4-6 crystals about 2" in length, pointing away from a kitty in heat. Kitty was lying down and I made a small semi-circle of crystals about 2-3 inches apart around the back end in order to remove excessive heat. Your kitty is needing more energy to heal himself, so you can point the crystals IN towards kitty.

Martin, please bear with me as I tell you to forgive yourself for any faults and to make it o.k. for your kitty to pass on in peace if that is his desire. Animals belong to the animal realms but can hear you still for a few days after their death. Most are reborn very quickly, as the same or other similar animal, usually to similar circumstances they have experienced in their most current lifetime. So, when Garf leaves his body,  you can continue to talk to his spirit. For 7 days after his death, continue to put out a dish of water, put some fresh flowers out by his eating area and if you feel like lighting incense or burning a candle, then this will help too. This will send positive energy and feelings of peace and love to your deceased pet which will protect him in his spirit form until his rebirth. You can put some crystals around a photo of him too.

I hope this helps. You do not have much time. Should you kitty pass on, get yourself the Rose Quartz, as big as you can, open your heart and grieve for ALL the things in life that you have had to let go of. Love the process, despite the sadness and know that you and your kitty share a karmic bond. Perhaps you will meet again some day.
Love & Light,

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