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Email from Readers for the Week ending January 12th, 2002

This week: Sneezing...How Crystals Work.  Read on !

Which stone would be suitable for respiratory problems of lungs and also morning sneezes? - Archana
Try Aventurine for lungs strengthening and green Fluorite to de-congest the lungs. For sneezing, try to slow the system down,to provide a calming effect - so use Sodalite with fuzzy white veins through the dark blue stone.

When to Begin Wearing Crystals
Is there a particular day of the Moon that I need to begin this process ? - Carolina
You can start wearing crystals at any time, but starting any project on the NEW MOON is favoured by Native Americans. You can numerologically begin on the 1st, 10th or other day of the month where the number of the day equals "1" such as the 28th (2+8=10; 1+0=1).

The Healing Effects of Crystals
Will healing with crystals effect my life style with my work/home with family and friends. - Carolina
Some of the changes you may feel physically are caused by throwing off toxins and negative energies during the cleansing process, which continues throughout the cycle of healing. The more you are cleansed of these heavier energies, the less the physical effect. Other psychological, social and psycho-spiritual changes will affect your life style considerably, and probably, favorably unless your family resents you making changes for the better !!

Does this mean not to use the crystals as a security blanket ? - Carolina
Yes, you are getting the idea, but also use your intuition. Experiment with other crystals, as they will also help your development in other areas. I used to HATE Hematite, then one day decided to wear it regardless and see what would happen. It moved a lot of negative energy for me which I otherwise would not have done !! - Karen

How Do Crystals Work ?
I have many questions regarding healing stones...although I read many books and understand the purpose of them....for some reason I don't feel they work...or maybe I just not using them the way I suppose to....I like your input. - Linda
Sorry to hear you haven't made the connection to crystals yet, Linda. Don't give up ! Let me tell you a little about what's happening when you make contact with a crystal. First, the crystal is working on your consciousness matrix, to open you up to higher vibrational levels. It's like removing some of the "duhhhh" from your system, obstacles, blockages of energies so that you can understand more at a higher level of consciousness. Second, when the crystal energy finds it way into your energy, it begins to re-pattern your matrix, repair broken lines of energy, rebuild energy centers destroyed through various traumas. The
more you have repressed yourself and the darker the trauma, the stronger the re-routing takes. Third, the crystal will create a connector to Source Energy and the healing and teaching at deeper levels begins. You must be patient and have faith. It took me weeks to get attuned, but I just knew it was right. I had little help to tell me what it was all about, though I apprenticed through a Crystal Master. I hope I have been able to help. Use the crystal every night by taping it over your Heart Center with surgical tape. Also, you may not be using the correct crystal, so please contact me again and let me know what you are using and what you are doing with the crystals you have. You can also read about crystal healing and my personal thoughts at the following page Click "here"- Karen

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