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Email from Readers for the Week ending January 5th, 2002

This week: A Protection Crystal and Improving a Love Relationship.... Read on !

Question: A protection chrystal from someone with complete evil intent toward myself and mine.
Thank you - Wendy

Hi Wendy; I think from your question that you want a crystal for protection from bad people. I can feel your energy which is 1) fear (the absence of love), and 2) your own confusion and negativity. I think you will benefit from a long soak in a salt bath (1 cup sea salt or table salt in 1 tub hot water for 20 minutes, about 3 times a month). This will help you clear out your current nasties. The best crystal under these circumstances to "protect" you is Black Onyx or Snowflake Obsidian ( a black stone with white snowflake on it). Either stone is very powerful for warding off psychic attack. A tumbled stone about 1-2" diameter may cost around $5. U.S. Put one in each pocket and otherwise keep them on you at all times. Only when you feel safe, will you start to open your Heart so that the Love can come in as well as to go out to others. It is actually the Love that protects you and your loved ones. You cannot Love when you are in Fear, so you will have to drop the Fear. You have much work to do on yourself to overcome these feelings of attack. I suggest that you look at a time when this all started and see your own role in it and how you behaved and if you would do something different if you had a chance to undo the circumstances.
Love & Lots of Light, Karen

Question: Hi Karen. My rose quartz braclet broke the other day, does this mean bad luck in my current relationship? Or is it telling me that I am strong enough without it. - Sonya

Hi Sonya;
You are telling me two things here. Let me repeat them back for you so you can see what you are saying:
1) You are in some doubt about your current relationship. It is not going as well as you would like. In fact you think there is some bad luck going on here too. Why else would you be wearing the Rose Quartz except in hopes of changing the relationship to be more loving? Love is not about's about LETTING LOVE HAPPEN ! There is too much effort being directed to making this relationship work when really...  (someone should have told you)  you should not need to do anything much except love each other.  When the relationship between 2 people is "made in heaven" then there is a feeling of mutual trust and acceptance. Love flows, life flows. This is not happening in your relationship. You want to test this out ? Go out with another guy  and see what its like to be treated with the respect you are missing in your current relationship.

2) You ARE strong enough without the Rose Quartz, if your Heart is in the right place. What is in the WRONG place is the crystal !! Yup, definately !  That's why you "lost it".You need to wear the Rose Quartz at the Heart, mid-chest, right in the Heart Chakra for this beautiful love crystal to work well enough for you. You must become more feminine in order to attract the relationship you need. The Rose Quartz will help you to pull your vibes up to a higher level of Love to give to others, and Self-Love (to give yourself). Until then, you are not strong enough in your own Heart to give the love you need to yourself or to others. Wear this Rose Quartz every day,  24 hours a day for 6-8 months and then tell me that your Heart is in the right place. You deserve a better relationship.
Love & Light, Karen

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